HOLLYWOOD─I thought last week’s episode of “The Walking Dead” was a thrilling one to say the least, with the war between The Whisperers and our heroes culminating with a big cliffhanger. This week’s episode, ‘Walk With Us’ continued that battle in glorious fashion. Trapped outside the wall inside The Hilltop, it was a fiery battle to say the least as the walkers were still hell bent on feasting, as our heroes utilized all weaponry and firepower at their fingertips to eliminate the threat.

Yes, it looks like The Hilltop is about to burn to the ground at the result of The Whisperers, just as the children were fleeing escape courtesy of Ezekiel. Judith being Judith wanted to fight, which caused worry, as Carol did her best to take out walkers from a distance. In the midst of all those walkers, Mika spotted Magna, but the question to be answered is rather she was a walker or just going along with the mist to stay safe. Yes, Carol your action led to this chaos.

Alpha wanted Lydia, but it was apparent Negan and Beta were at battle to prove who could bring the fearless leader her daughter back first. Kelly and Mary tried to assist with Adam, but Alden was having none of it, until he gave in and she stopped Adam’s crying. I mean Mary has only been trying to bond with her nephew since the earlier half of the season. While sitting, Mary sensed the walkers headed in their direction, and she was right, as the numbers quickly increased. The trio took refuge in a van, as Adam’s crying only attracted the walkers further, as she drew them away from her nephew and the others. That is indeed a righteous move to make people.

However, her moment of joy was immediately taken away as Beta stabbed Mary in the chest, before she pulled a portion of his mask away, before he viciously killed her. Well, at least we finally got to see a portion of his face. Another Whisperer noticed Beta, which opened a huge clue in my mind. Who really is Beta? Is this guy someone from the show’s past? Mary turned into a walker, which is exactly what Beta wanted, but she was killed with an arrow, by Alden which forced Beta to run off.

Jeez, this has me so eager to finally see Beta’s face. Who the hell is this guy? Carol found herself tied with Eugene, Magna and Minka as we learned what happened with our heroes who were trapped in that cave. So Magna is Magna, but where the hell is Connie? Mika laid into Carol, who was cold, but emotional at the same time, but found herself punched in the face. Wow, that was brutal and I didn’t expect that at all, go Mika.

Carol is definitely on a downward spiral people, but I get it, she wanted vengeance for Henry and she deserves it. Eugene shared his fears with Carol about not making that appointment he had scheduled with his lady friend at the Oceanside. Rosita, Daryl, Jerry and the others continued to trek as they searched for the others, but none of the kids could be found. So the kids are indeed safe, but the question remains where is Ezekiel, as Judith worried about her ally.

Earl was doing his best to stay positive, as Judith discovered he was badly injured, and was about to take his life. Judith was on the verge of tears, watching the man who protected her and all the other kids, needed her to understand his sacrifice. That is a ton of pressure for a kid of Judith’s age people; just heartbreaking to witness it.

Jerry and Daryl located Ezekiel who was hiding underneath a metal gate, just as Earl took his life with a stake. Judith watched over the kids, just as she ventured near Earl’s body. The trio managed to locate another house, where they found all of the kids. Daryl reassured Judith who was stoic as he made it clear he was her protector. Negan captured Lydia, who was locked to a chair, struggling to get free. Alpha was grateful to Negan, just as Lydia continued to viciously fight to escape, as a walker dawned into their proximity.

Negan opened about that love of his life that he lost to cancer, as Alpha intuitively listened. He started to undercut her reasoning, and it led to tears in her eyes. So was Negan playing Alpha all along or does his soft spot for Lydia change the decision that is about to transpire. Lydia managed to get away from her ropes, as Alpha was about to commit the ultimate sin people. Whoa, Negan hoodwinked Alpha as he slit her throat! Lydia was never in any danger.

People that was a game-changing death that I never expected to see because the leader of The Whisperers is dead, and now Negan and Beta are about to be at war. Why is this crazy? Apparently Carol and Negan have been working together all along, and next week we see the return of Michonne people. Come on “Walking Dead” I cannot wait till next Sunday!