HOLLYWOOD—The tension between the groups was palpable last week on “The Walking Dead.” This week things got even worse in the episode, ‘Warning Signs.’ Things kicked off with walkers feeding on that Savior who caused all that trouble last week. He’s now a walker himself. Back in Alexandria, Rick and Michonne talked about happenings between the groups, with Rick assuming all is well, but the audience already knows a battle is brewing.

Rick is blind to seeing how his friends truly feel about misdeeds of the past. Maggie had an encounter with several Saviors, who were suspicious to say the least. Not to mention a guy named Mud, who seemed to make threats without actually making them. Let’s just say it unnerved Maggie to say the least. It was nice to see Judith, Rick and Michonne spend time as a family. However, a day without drama was interrupted with news that one of the Saviors was killed and we already know where that clan is going to point the finger.

Justin’s demise was not a person, it was a walker, but back at the camp, the Saviors and Alexandrians were throwing fists, and Carol found herself in a position to play peacemaker, and Daryl echoed that sentiment. Members of the Saviors were ready to go to war, and our heroes had guns drawn ready to fight, but Rick arrived in a nick of time to diffuse the situation. Gabriel lied to Rick about Jadis’ whereabouts. We know she was out alone starring at that helicopter in the sky. Rick suspected that Daryl may have knocked off Justin, just as Gabriel wanted Jadis (sorry, I’m not calling her Anne) about her whereabouts last night. Why, oh, why won’t Jadis talk about that helicopter in the sky?

Another interesting development, it looks like someone is trying to frame Daryl for Justin’s demise, but we all know that is not true. Man this show knows how to deliver a thrill-a-minute, as Maggie and Cyndie ran into a house full of walkers. If not for Rick and Daryl, both ladies would have been goners. Looks like someone is attacking our heroes to cause dissension and I’m more than intrigued at this point. Carol voiced her concerns about the Saviors to Rick, who confessed a deep dark secret; he has been battling rather to kill Negan or not.

Back at the junkyard, Jadis was coming through things, as she located a radio that she stashed in a secret location. I’m guessing this is to whoever is operating that helicopter in the sky. As she spoke to the mystery person, we learned that she is secretly working with someone and they’ve bartered deals. What the hell is this A or B mess? Gabriel spied on Jadis and wanted answers as to who she was secretly speaking to over the radio.

This character has me so intrigued, I want to know more about her past. At last, she alluded to another place of civilization and she wanted him to join her. She asked him to swear to secrecy, and cue the issue of trust. Gabriel acknowledged that he cannot keep secrets. This scares me; I feel like Gabriel is about to meet his maker. Jadis clocked him with a gun, before eluding that he was not a ‘B’ so I assume that means he is an ‘A?’

Carol was attacked by Mud who attempted to steal her gun. He held a knife to Carol’s throat, just as Rick pointed a gun at his head. Carol got the upper hand on her attacked and stabbed him in the chest, but isn’t this a first, both Rick and Carol decided to spare his life, I almost felt taking him out would send a clear message, but at the same time it could cause more uproar amongst the Saviors as well.

This is a twist I did not see coming! The ladies of the Oceanside were responsible for taking out members of the Saviors. Cyndie and Bi wanted vengeance, just as Daryl and Maggie attempted to reason with the ladies to not seek revenge. Yup, Maggie’s decision to take out Gregory has set a precedent that has changed everything. I feel for Cyndie and jeez, I cannot fathom a reason for keeping this Savior alive; she deserves the fate that is delivered to her, just as Maggie and Daryl turned their backs.

I’m eager to see how the ramifications of their decision will impact Rick’s goal of unifying all members; something tells me Rick is not the only core cast member we’re losing this season, who else pays the price will be interesting to say the least. Why? Maggie and Daryl made plans to visit Negan and I can only imagine what horrors will transpire when that confrontation takes place. This was an epic episode, because we were teased that the next 2 episodes will culminate in the end of Rick Grimes. That is far sooner than I ever expected, because that means the mid-season finale episode could be an epic stunner viewers won’t see coming. Until next Sunday “Walking Dead” die-hards!