HOLLYWOOD—It’s happening people, its finally happening. After months of thinking Sharon would get away with the secret that Sully is actually Sage and Nick’s son (um Adam) and not hers, the walls are closing in on the vixen, who just can’t seem to tell the truth. Yeah, this is the same woman who swapped the paternity for Summer, Nick’s daughter with Phyllis to get her claws back into her ex.

I swear it seems like every year, a storm of epic proportions arrives in Genoa City that is the catalyst for a ton of secrets to explode. A storm hit the region this week, and a power outage led to all sorts of chaos. For starters, Sharon is spiraling out of control, with the knowledge that Patty knows her secret regarding Sully and has been making harassing phone calls.

Those calls have led to Dylan leaving town to find the details on the culprit. In the process, Nick, Sharon’s ex and Dylan’s brother is staying with Sharon, Sully and Mariah to ensure all is well. I seriously cannot fathom that Sharon hasn’t cracked and spilled the beans to Nick or anyone else for that matter to relieve herself of that pressure. In the midst of the blackout, Sharon spotted someone watching her from outside the window. Of course, we all suspected that person was Patty, but now I’m not so sure. I’m thinking it’s possible that maybe Sage has returned from the dead? It’s a stretch, but who else would be stalking Sharon, Adam?

Paul broke the news to the crew about Patty’s disappearance, which prompted Sharon to nearly come clean to Nick, but Mariah curbed that possibility. I get Mariah wants to protect her mother, but this secret is such a bad idea because it’s coming out and the fact that Paul knows you came to see Patty, only made the situation more suspect. Why? He has viewed Patty’s drawings and has connected the link between the pregnant woman in Fairview, Sharon and Patty.

Oh, things are not just getting bad for Sharon, but Chloe is in hot water. For weeks, she has been doing her best to keep that secret regarding her involvement in Adam’s fiery demise. Yes, Chloe was not able to forgive Adam for the death of her daughter Delia and to be honest, neither would I. This is a guy who has never paid for any of the crimes that he committed.

So in cahoots with Victor, the two worked together to frame Adam to take a massive fall. However, when Adam found another way to escape the system, Chloe lost it. She drugged Adam while at the cabin and then unleashed a fiery explosion that presumably cost Adam his life. Well, in the soap arena it didn’t kill him; the powers that be are just waiting to find a worthy replacement. During the storm, Chloe and Chelsea discussed their friendship, which left Chloe falling asleep.

It was a game-changing moment where Chelsea watched her pal toss and turn in her sleep, while uttering Adam’s name. Yep, Chloe you’re busted, good luck on convincing Chelsea that it wasn’t just a bad dream you had, but she found a wave to pull the wool over Chelsea. Rumor has it that the big reveal regarding Sully is coming people, I said November sweeps and it looks like that is about to transpire in about 2 weeks. So I can’t wait till things explode at the kick-off of November sweeps on “The Young and the Restless.”