UNITED STATES—Well, we’re less than a few days away from the biggest cooking holiday in the year: Thanksgiving. Last week, we spent an abundance of time discussing the keys to preparing for the big feast, but now that it’s here, what’s next?

Well time to determine what goes on the plate and what stays off. That is the problem with Thanksgiving. There are so MANY food options, many of us lose composure. We start to freak out with all the options that are sitting right in front of us. Should I try this, should I try this, what about this, what about that? Yes, all these things cross the mind, but it’s more important to NOT overstuff the plate people.

See this is the problem with Americans and health: we eat more than our stomachs can handle. Yes, to the eyes and to the nose it all smells wonderful, but piling your plate to epic heights is just plain silly in my opinion. There is plenty of food to go around the table and even if there are slim pickings, that does not mean you go out and grab every single item, hoping to prevent others from getting a taste of this or a taste of that. I’m a big proponent of NOT putting anything on your plate that you have no intention of eating. More importantly, just because you have a big plate does not mean to overdo it. What does this mean? This means find a way to host your guests with small sampler plates. Why? It will force them to only put on the plate what they plan to eat. It doesn’t make much sense, but trust me it will work. I can’t tell you how many times I see people pile a plate with food, to only eat a quarter of that food before they’re ready to toss the rest in the trash.

C’mon people, this world is full of people who have no idea where their next meal will come from and that should be an indicator to people to think before they plate. Look at it this way: there is always a strong chance that you will have leftovers after the festive dinner, so eat sparingly. There is no need to make your eyes think your stomach is ready to take on massive amounts of food just because you want to ensure you’re not left without getting a taste of this or a taste of that. Sharing is caring people, sharing is caring!

We haven’t even gotten to the desserts yet! That is a staple at most family dinners, the festive platter of pies, cakes and other sweet treats to cater to the family. Be warned, they might look good, but they’re not all good for you. Having a sweet is totally fine, however, eating a whole pie or whole cake in the process not so smart in my opinion America.

We are allowed to indulge a bit during the holidays because as we all know food brings people together. Food can also be dangerous if we’re not aware how TOO MUCH of one thing can be bad for us. Well, let me take that back, I don’t think too many veggies can be bad for us, but fried foods, sweets and heavy starches aren’t good for the waistline and overall health.

Hey, I’m not trying to ruin anyone’s turkey feast, I don’t want everyone to go all vegan, if vegan is not their cup of tea, just be wise to not only what you eat, but more importantly how much you eat of it. Thanksgiving is all about family so enjoy!