HOLLYWOOD—There is nothing like a wedding fiasco in the soap arena, as was discovered recently on the NBC soap “Days of Our Lives.” Gabi Hernandez has been trying to get over the love of her life Stefan DiMera since his death years ago after being shot and having his heart given to Julie of all people. Well, surprise, Stefan wasn’t dead, and was in a lab being worked on by the mischievous, Dr. Rolf. He had help with Li, who wanted Stefan de-programmed so that he could have Gabi all to himself. It worked until it didn’t people, because the truth has been exposed after months of deception.

Just when Gabi and Li were set to tie the knot, but who would have guessed that Gabi of all people would remember that Rolf drugged her after she discovered Stefan was brainwashed to forget her. All it took was hearing Rolf’s name and the trigger Rolf was attempting to warn Li about came to light. As the memories started to flood back, she recalled that Kristen and Li were part of the scheme to prevent Stefan from remembering his former life.

A Gabi scorned is a dangerous one as she lit into Li and Kristen and vowed to make them pay. As did Rafe, who has always sensed his soon to be brother-in-law was up to no good people. Wendy, Johnny and EJ were spared from being exposed from hiding the truth for now, but expect it soon. Gabi in a mission to the truth took a plane to find Stefan in Miami, but came across her hubby and Chloe slightly dressed in bed. She explained the truth to Stefan who didn’t believe it and didn’t want his old life back at all.

He liked being with Chloe and was not ready to give that up, but a confrontation is brewing people between Li and EJ as Stefan is about to learn all about betrayal from the DiMera family, not to mention Kristen. Let’s talk about that villainess for a moment. She got a taste of her own medicine for once, when she suffered a parent’s worst nightmare, her daughter Rachel going ‘missing.’ Here’s the problem, Rachel was not missing, she was part of Brady and Eric’s plan to get their hands on that orchid that is desperately needed people.

Eric has totally gone from all things good to all things wicked. How so? He is embracing a dark side one that he has kept hidden and I am all for it people. He’s playing house with Sloan and I’m starting to warm up to this character. I like Sloan and Eric as a couple it is fun. Too bad Eric and Brady’s plan blew up in their face when Kristen learned what Brady was up to. She demanded her daughter, Brady refused, but ultimately reunited mother and child in exchange for the orchid, but it is missing!

Someone has taken that orchid that Kristen hid in the DiMera tunnels and now it’s a race against time because Kate, Marlena and Kayla are terribly ill. In Kate’s case, she has already ‘died’ and Kayla and Marlena are soon to follow people, but it will not last long, but I’m still eager to find out who took the orchid. I mean Rex and Roman watched Kate die in front of their eyes people.

As for Chloe, she learned the truth from Brady about Kristen blackmailing him in order to save Marlena, Kate and Kayla. That enraged Chloe has discovered she is falling for Stefan, but not by his own doing. Yeah, that is a double whammy for Chloe, but I’m hoping now that she knows the truth she can reunite with Brady as they belong together. Nicole and EJ were close to jumping in bed again, but Nicole pressed pause, just as Rafe and Jada are getting closer.

Sonny and Will have a temporary patch on their relationship, but it’s apparent Leo is going to be a thorn in the long run because Sonny is going to be tempted with Will constantly in LA. Sonny is making the effort; it is time for Will to do the same. Now the relationship that is likely dunzo is Sarah and Xander. He just continues to prove to Sarah that she cannot trust him. As a result, she decided it was time to file for divorce. Maggie was hoping to discourage her daughter from doing that, but considering his constant mishaps he’s proven he doesn’t want to change.

Sarah exposed all to Bonnie, Justin and Maggie, and Xander was confronted by Justin and Bonnie as it became clear that he will need a lawyer. Leo is on edge as he knows he is entangled in this mess so he is worried and for the right reason. Gwen is standing by Xander’s side, but he should expect his house of cards to come tumbling down sooner than later people. Yeah, facing a kidnapping charge, when the evidence is stacked against you and a woman, Susan, presumed dead does not help your situation at all.

Yeah, there is a lot of relationship issues in Salem people, another being the Chad, Stephanie and Alex love triangle. I’m sorry I’m such a fan of Stephanie and Chad; they just have that natural chemistry. However, when you look at Alex and Stephanie it feels forced. I think Stephanie likes Alex, but her heart is drawn to Chad and rightfully so. Alex is jealous and is starting to show it, so much to the point he declined a call on Stephanie’s phone from Chad, as he tried to warn her that Kayla’s health was declining.

Yeah, Alex’s latest move is about to cause some major, major problems people and I’m all for it. Let the truth be exposed and it should be delicious to see the fallout, as Chad is by Stephanie’s side when she needs him the most.