HOLLYWOOD—At long last, it appears the wedding between Liam Spencer and Steffy Forrester is about to happen on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” While many expected the couple to tie the knot on the beach or in Los Angeles, they have decided to travel far away, to the continent of Australia, at the recommendation of his once love, Ivy. I mean Liam is indeed a character; he’s been with Hope, Steffy, Ivy and Quinn. The sad thing about all of his lovers, they have all been connected to his brother Wyatt.

Do I expect Liam and Steffy to have the happily ever-after? Not a chance, rumors have been swirling that Hope Logan might be returning to the foray and that would be an interesting shift in the storyline people. That means we could see both Wyatt and Liam pinning after what both of them once considered their one true love, and leaving Steffy out in the cold.

Things are starting to look interesting between Thomas and Sally Spectra. At first, I wasn’t sold on this relationship, but the chemistry between both is fun. It still sucks that his potential relationship with Caroline, with whom he has a son, just fizzled. Linsey Godfrey who had hot buttons storylines on the soap for the past few years has been virtually MIA in the recent months, and was pulled off contract recently.

Too bad Thomas has no idea that Sally is using her little sister Coco as a spy to obtain any possible details to bring Spectra fashions out of the darkness and into the light. At first, I expect Thomas to be upset when this revelation explodes, but considering how he has been treated lately at Forrester Creations, anything can happen people.

Now, it’s been months since Ridge and Quinn first shared that kiss and it seems the sparks and chemistry between these two will not fizzle anytime soon. However, they have a slight problem. More and more people are catching onto the fact that something is indeed going on between these two. For starters, Ivy witnessed that kiss between Quinn and Ridge; then Charlie spotted Quinn wiping lipstick off of Ridge’s lips. Charlie quickly relayed that information to Pam, who we all know once she suspects something she never lets go until she gets to the truth.

However, Quinn and Ridge’s biggest proponent is KATIE! Yeah, I don’t get it, but it seems this woman is always the person who unleashes everyone’s biggest and darkest secrets. She has spotted the innuendo between her former lover and the woman who has now stolen Eric Forrester’s heart. We all know that Quinn is crazy, but if you push her into a corner which it appears Katie is doing, Quinn will unleash all hell. Katie has dropped the bomb on her sister, Brooke about the possible coupling of Ridge and Quinn, which Brooke completely dismissed. It is ironic; Brooke caused Katie’s marriage to crumble twice, so it’s only fitting that Brooke see her world crash for her sins of the past.

Of course this will be good news for Bill who has been courting and doing his best to get Brooke to realize that Ridge is no good for her and he will only break her heart. I mean it has taken a VERY long-time for these two to get back together, so imagine all the fallout when it is revealed that Ridge and Quinn have betrayed all those they love. Eric will be furious, Steffy will be stunned, Thomas will say he told you so, and well little RJ might not ever forgive his father for shattering his mother’s heart. As for Quinn, I could see her committing the ultimate crime: MURDER! Why? She will have lost the one person who truly believed she was capable of change, and I don’t think Wyatt will be able to pick-up the pieces for his mother this time around.