UNITED STATES—As a kid I was a gamer. It was a skillset that was innately apart of my DNA. Don’t ask because I cannot explain it, but you could give me a videogame and I would just find a way to be victorious even without a strategy guide people. As I got older, the notion of gaming took a massive backseat, why? Life people that’s what I say.

However, that doesn’t mean I don’t game when time permits it. With that said, the question of the hour now becomes what videogame do you recall being your kryptonite? That one game that no matter how hard you tried it was so difficult to defeat. I honestly have 2, and they are both from the Nintendo. I’m referring to the 1985 unit that was released and it was the first game system I ever owned and I had a bevy of videogames for that system.

There were two games in particular that no matter how hard I tried they were impossible for me to complete. The first being “Silver Surfer” and I have no idea what the creators of this game were thinking when this game was crafted. I mean this is a video game that you have to navigate on a surfboard. That is difficult in its own, but that is NOT the challenge. If you get hit ONCE, yes, you heard me ONCE, you will immediately die. Think about that for a moment people. Playing an entire game and you can’t get struck once or your game is over.

Yeah, tell me the one person who has completed this game without the cheat code that allows you to play the entire game get struck as many times as you want and not die. In other words, you become invincible people so of course you can be victorious in the game. This game is NOT POSSIBLE to complete without the cheat code so with that known, let’s put another game up to the totem pole. That game would be “Zelda II: The Adventure of Link.”

I have been a fan of Zelda since I was a kid because it was one of the first videogames I had for my gaming console. Let me be clear I was victorious for “The Legend of Zelda.” This was and still is a very fun role playing game where you have to find a bunch of items in your mission to defeat Ganon. So its sequel, “The Adventure of Link” involves a much larger quest and it is in NO WAY easy or fun. Why? You have to travel to various worlds. In each of these worlds there are distinct items you need to obtain to continue your journey.

In addition, you have to build up your weapon strength, your magic strength and your health. So in essence you have to fight in order to survive. The more enemies you defeat the higher your RP level goes increasing the strength of your sword. Which takes lots of time to do and it becomes annoying as a player. Your goal is not to build up your RPG, it is to complete the game, but this game doesn’t make it easy for you.

You might argue why is that important, it helps you in your mission to defeat enemies a lot easier and quicker. Instead of 4 or 5 strikes, you only have 1 or 2 strikes. Trust me it makes a big difference people because after the first two bosses, things become way harder. You have enemies that can kill you with 1 to 2 strikes, castles that are like mazes on top of mazes and bosses that are just a damn challenge. That blue knight, jeez its like fighting 3 bosses in once. That dragon, be prepared for anything, the castle before you get to the final castle, will drive your head insane and that isn’t even the final boss. If you think other Zelda games are a challenge, nope, you have to go back to this one that really tests your resilience and patience as a gamer. It is a fun game, but it is damn difficult to beat and that says a lot America.

Written By Davy Jones