HOLLYWOOD—This is a tale that is fascinating me currently on the CBS soap “The Young and the Restless.” Ashley Abbott is suffering big time as a result of her relationship with Tucker McCall. It seems Ashley might be battling a split personality and the impact on her psyche is going to be one to watch. That trip to Paris might have been the worst thing that Ashley could have done.

I absolutely bought into the notion that Tucker bought off the waiter and staff at the café to back up his story and make Ashley look like she lost it, and it worked. Tucker apparently did not buy off the staff, but I just find it odd that Ashley would just snap like that, but it has happened, and it is worrisome. She returned home and Jack and Traci were hovering and that is not a good thing because it is causing more stress on her psyche causing a further snap with reality.

I love this for Ashley because it gives her portrayer, Eileen Davidson a meaty storyline for the actress and I love it. She is going toe-to-toe with Audra Charles who is apparently not just smitten with Tucker, but in love with him. She has marked her territory and is making it clear Ashley will not interfere. Audra, do you realize Tucker has a past with this woman? They were married. Has he popped the question to you? Has he even considered the notion of marrying you? No, he hasn’t because Ashley still has a hold on him and you see that, which explains why you issued that threat that had Ashley laughing.

At this point, Ashley is toying with Tucker before she strikes and makes her move. Exactly what the endgame is I could not tell you, but I am eager to see how it unfolds. Another big tale is the Jordan battle. Jordan is out there plotting her next move against Nikki by using Seth, a guy Nikki met during a meeting to draw Nikki out of the shadows and into the public sphere. Seth is skeptical, but he’s a drunk, so he really can’t put his finger on what is unfolding at this precise moment. Nikki is gaining her strength back, but all it takes is one fall off the wagon and Jordan will have the upper hand in the situation.

Jordan shouldn’t worry so much about Nikki she should be worried about Victor who is planning to set a trap for his foe. Victor plans to spring Claire from the mental health facility and use her as bait to trap Jordan. Cole and Victoria are not happy with this move at all because they are worried about Claire’s wellbeing more than nailing Jordan. Cole and Victoria are both adamant that the move is not happening on their watch, but Claire has already agreed to her grandfather’s request who is promising to ensure his granddaughter’s safety is a top-tier focus.

Billy is being Billy at Chancellor-Winters as he makes a play to have the Abbott name added to the company. What are the writers doing with Billy Abbott? The character just seems to have not much going on and was such a power player at one point on the soap. His relationship with Chelsea is cute, but does anyone really care? I don’t. Then you have him being a jerk to Chance for absolutely no reason at all. Chance is trying to be a team player Billy, you aren’t.

This just gives more leverage to Mamie whose ultimate goal is to remove Jill and her minions from the company so it’s solely a Winters corporation. There is just one problem Mamie didn’t see coming, Amanda Sinclair, who is about to cause waves. Why? She has bad blood with Devon, Abby and Nate. Yes, I am glad to see the character back, who I expected the soap had completely written her off. She has her pal Phyllis by her side, but the question remains, what else is Amanda going to stir up?

Adam and Chelsea are indeed dealing with a crisis involving Connor who is not doing well at school, but I doubt it brings those two closer. Sally seems to be the one for Adam at the moment and I feel that bond is way stronger than what he shared with Chelsea, but never say never because the writers could also cause a stir with a change in the direction of our characters. There was nothing explosive for February Sweeps on “Y&R” but my interest has perked up.