UNITED STATES—Betting on sports in San Francisco may be legalized in 2022. Already now many people bet online at international betting companies, while some are just thinking about becoming bettors. If you are wondering which sport is the easiest to bet on, this article by Telecomasia.net will help you find the answer.

Are there “simple” sports?

Let’s say right away, there are no “easy” sports. You need to know and analyze the statistics, the history of the performance of the team and each player individually. If a novice bettor has never been interested in sports before and has received information about championships exclusively through sports reports or news on the Internet, he can only win by chance.

If a person has a favorite sport and a favorite team, about which he knows everything, he can confidently make realistic predictions on them, but he can desperately believe that his beloved club, no matter what, will beat a strong opponent.

We advise you to bet not on your favorite team, but on your favorite sport, the rules of which are familiar to you, then the number of winning bets will increase.

Is it worth betting on unpopular sports?

The most popular sports among bettors and spectators are traditionally tennis, basketball, soccer and hockey. The main advantage of betting on them is that bookmakers usually offer a wide range of betting options (you can bet not only on the outcome of the match but also on the number of pucks or goals scored, outcomes of match segments and individual indicators of players). Also, bookmakers try to offer the most profitable betting options for these sports, paying great attention to them.

The most lucrative sports betting is on the world’s largest tournaments and championships. The thing is that you can easily find all the necessary information on them. For example, fans of hockey betting often turn to the official NHL website, which contains statistics of both individual players and entire teams, game results, standings, match calendars and other data that can help bettors.

If the popularity of a sporting event is not high enough, you will likely have to bet “blindly”, having no idea about injuries, statistical calculations, disqualifications of athletes, since the media does not provide such detailed information about local competitions.

Bets on unpopular sports are possible if you understand all the nuances of a particular tournament or competition. Knowledge of all the terms and features of the game will allow you to find bets at the best odds.

If you are going to bet on an unpopular sport or a team in a foreign league, make sure that you have the necessary amount of information: the ability to read and analyze foreign sports resources, watch live broadcasts of matches, perhaps use the archive of a large bookmaker.

By carefully analyzing the tactics of the chosen team, you increase the chances of an accurate prediction.

Features of bets on specific sports

The greatest variety of bets is accepted on soccer matches. You can bet on the score, the cards the players will receive during the match, the number of substitutions, penalties and other moments of the game. This sport is considered to be the easiest to predict, but there are always dark horses who can break the predictable course of the game.

Hockey is less predictable than soccer. Due to the long season and tight schedule of games, there is a frequent change of players in the main squad, therefore it is quite difficult to know in advance who will participate in a particular match and predict its outcome.

Basketball and volleyball odds are usually low, however, there are spreads and Over/Under.

Baseball and American football are also popular in the United States, as the broadcasts of these sports can be found easily, as well as all the necessary information on the players and teams.

When betting on tennis, it is better to opt for the 10 or 15 most interesting athletes. In this sport, the outcome depends on the condition of the tennis player, the qualifications of the coach, injuries and other factors. The playing surface also has a certain influence on the outcome of the game: an athlete may prefer to play on clay, grass or hard court. Bookmakers offer several types of betting on tennis: games, sets, number of errors and the overall outcome of the match.

Returning to the question that was asked at the very beginning, let’s say that the sport that you know best will be the most predictable for you. To make a bet and win, you need to understand all the rules and nuances, as well as have access to all possible data. In this case, you have every chance to beat the bookmaker and get rich.