HELLO AMERICA!—While observing the moving memory dance in honor of one major political force of our nation and then a creative artist who designated her life and art in the face of continual challenges and THEN hearing and observing behind the scenes of a man with a Hitlerizing—Mussolinian head stance maintaining he is the only one to make America Great Again (representing a period of serious racial division and white superiority at every turn), was absolutely mind-boggling!  
As a 12-year-old kid living outside of Philly, sitting watching a film called “Hitler’s Children”  brought back deeply disturbing memories which represented everything that our nation sacrificed so much in wiping out from every corner of our American existence. 
Viewing the tribute to Aretha Franklin, watching the faces of those sitting in those seats having no genuine idea why they were there; one minister spoke nearly an hour exposing old cotton field rhetoric blacks were programmed with during and after slavery; screaming, emitting jungle moans and sounds as if he were having a tug of war with some unknown evil that was attempting to take possession of anyone and everyone. Along with those who are still under the backward, stupid, ignorant which many Americans, black and white, still seem to easily harbor. Of course, many of our TV films and motion pictures continue to create stories, scripts which enhance this intellectual, emotional trap.
At various points I visited the commemoration of John McCain. The players were nearly all present with the exception of the KING TRUMP of course. It was as though I was witnessing a Shakespearean play. The characters were all there, scattered in their respective groups wearing set expression of tribal support, Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Ivanka Trump, Paul Ryan, Jeff Sessions and the 106-year-old mom of McCain still wise enough to understand what is going on and, of course, John’s wife Cindy who is no fool by a long shot, but maintained a quiet and dignified presence, giving the ceremony the public face needed.
It is so sad that millions of Americans have neglected to remember how the German people were mesmerized by a leader who pontificated words of lies which sounded real and possible when it was merely sounds resting on what he knew the masses had been hoping since the first World War to make their superior dreams come true. Hitler gave them hope of survival, WE WILL RISE AGAIN. Then when they did begin to rise, they were met with devastating horror and emotional surprises which forced them into the pit of hell. 
Now we in America have given this man, Trump, a handle of ultimate power to destroy nearly everything so many sacrificed and died for. Like so many before him, he understands how to use and deal with those who are easily manipulated to his will, instilling fear, after all this is how he moved into the White House spewing alternative facts!