UNITED STATES—There is a lot of hate in this country right now and it scares me to the core. I feel like the hate is just continuing to build and boil over to the point you have no idea what will transpire next people. I mean where is the love, why can’t we all just get along, why do we feel this need to constantly spew this vitriol?

I feel like people just are miserable and I sometimes don’t understand why. What is going on in your life that you feel so happy to see other people miserable or to make people feel bad about themselves. I think social media is one big proponent. Why? It allows people to hide behind the screen people. Rather it be their mobile device, their tablet or computer screen. When people are not forced to face direct consequences for their behavior or actions they feel a bit more empowered and ballsy in the things they do.

Politics right now is one thing that has so many people angry and spewing their emotions or feelings. Rather you’re a Democrat or Republican there is bad on both sides and the problem is so many people refuse to hear it or acknowledge it. Guess what? Democrats are bad. Guess what? Republicans are bad? Guess what? Politics is bad and decisive; it always has been.

It does not help when you have newspapers and news stations who ONLY promote content that aligns with the agenda that they want to push. Guess what? News is not supposed to do that; it is to be fair and balanced, but we live in a world where that is not taking place and I cannot understand it for the life in me. Why don’t these media giants just put the news out there without trying to spin it or sugar coat things. Give it to Americans raw and let them decide how to feel about the situation with the facts at hand people.

Recently, the whole debacle with Bud Light I could not understand it at all. People shooting up beer cans, people throwing out the beer product, running over cases and bottles of the product with machinery, and I’m telling myself, “What the hell am I missing?” What are you trying to prove here? You don’t like the product because a transgender person was promoting it? You don’t like the product because of what? Like seriously explain this to me because I cannot understand it.

People say the woke culture, well explain it to me, what is the woke culture? So many talk about it, but don’t fully clarify it. Guess what Trans, gay, Black, old, a variety of people like Bud Light. Is that a problem? Like explain it to me people. Now you’re seeing the same backlash because Target is apparently selling Pride products or clothing as June kicks off the celebration. Look, if you don’t like what Target is doing don’t shop there. There is no gun to your head saying you must shop at Target. That is a choice, but going to the retailer and damaging products and making a scene helps no one. It is showing your hatred and ignorance to a point.

These are private businesses they can do as they please. You cannot control what products they sell, who they use to sell those products, etc. You don’t like it just don’t buy the product or shop there. However, going on social media to post videos and show an ass of yourself, simply makes you look pathetic, stupid and hateful. Grow up and start to embrace the differences that each of us embody. We are all different, but guess what: we have more similarities than differences, if we could just take a moment to realize that, do you know how great of a country and people we could become?

The progress we could make with more love than hate would change this country in ways some of us could never imagine. How about we lead by example by showing more love and not so much hate. You don’t have to like someone who has a differing opinion than you, but you should respect them. You cannot fight hate with hate because it only leads to more hate America. I wish we’d learn that.

Written By Jason Jones