Wigged Neighborhood Prowler Caught And Arrested

Image of wigged lurker caught on surveillance video casing homes in San Francisco.

SAN FRANCISCO—The San Francisco Police Department arrested an unnamed prowler who has been allegedly lurking in the Noe Valley and Castro area for months, according to ABC7 news.

The suspected prowler was caught on video surveillance and is seen wearing a wig, according to authorities. The man was found casing the homes for months and was arrested in the tenderloin neighborhood.

Police believe that the suspect is connected to other burglaries and break-ins throughout the San Francisco region. He has been caught on camera several times prowling near homes. Supervisor Scott Weiner of the Castro and Ingleside districts released a statement in response to the incidents.

“When you have people stealing cars, breaking into cars, breaking into homes, even doing home invasions–that can have negative impacts on safety and quality of life and safety,” said Weiner.

San Francisco News reached out to the SFPD, but no additional details have been provided about the criminal’s background. The suspect whose name has not yet been released to the public, was taken into custody earlier in the week. Authorities are still searching for an accomplice that was seen with the suspect on video.

By Anjula Montgomery and Donald Roberts