HOLLYWOOD—The revival craze has been huge on television in recent years, I mean favorites from the past are returning to the small screen, and to be honest they are quite entertaining. I remember the golden years when NBC Thursdays were known as comedy gold. You had literal comedies a decade plus ago that would leave TV viewers falling off the couch. Well, after nearly 11 years of being MIA, the series ended its run in 2006, the characters viewers have come to love have returned and without missing a single beat America.

The fact that Eric McCormack, Debra Messing, Megan Mullally and Sean Hayes have such epic chemistry after all these years, might be a sign that the series should have never left the TV. I mean the first 10 minutes of the revival were comedy gold. I cannot recall the last time I laughed so hard. Jack throwing shade at Will, Jack and Karen prove once again that they might be the best supporting characters on a comedy series to date, and Grace continuing to trade spars with Will while throwing a bit of undercover shade is just what is needed on TV nowadays with all the stress in the real world right now.

The episode, really poked fun at the series finale from 2006, where Will & Grace were both happy and had children. Toss that out, because it remains on the cutting room floor and man that moment with Jack shaking those pills to get Karen out of her trance: hilarity. I really like the fact that the series is NOT afraid to tackle politics. They had no trouble with the banter between Karen and Grace over Donald Trump’s victory for the presidency. Grace didn’t like Karen constantly rubbing it in her face, while Karen was on cloud nine tormenting Grace not just at work, but in their everyday social settings.

Karen, Karen, Karen, that woman is a wild card, but I love every single minute of it because she delivers such hearty laughs to the viewers. I just wish her notorious maid Rosario, portrayed by the hilarious Shelley Morrison was back in the mix, but sad face, she is not. Her banter with Karen and her relationship with Jack will surely be missed, but I’m certain the series will work around the actress’ departure.

At the core of the revival, Grace and Will shacking back up once again, after Grace’s divorce with her hubby previously portrayed by talk show host Harry Connick Jr. Will is also down and out in the love arena, recently ending things with his beau. Per usual, Jack still lives across the hall from Will, and makes note of entering his apartment when he pleases. Jack helps Will with his crush on a politician he disagrees with on all fronts, and Karen delivers Grace the opportunity to redecorate the Oval Office of The White House. Some of the banter here was hit and miss, but for the most part I found myself laughing much more than anything.

On top of that, how can one forget that iconic moment at the end of the episode, where Grace left that hat that read: “Make America Gay Again.” Only “Will & Grace” can pull off such a feat and do it with such class and make it funny. Yes, there were plenty of political talk in the episode, but in no way do I think it hit below the belt, I mean if anything the game of charades that Will, Grace, Jack and Karen partook in during the first few minutes threw more shade at some well-known celebrities than anything I’ve seen in recent years on TV.

If laughter is something you need in life, look no further than this comedy gem that has proved, when done right, it’s like the series never left the air. “Will & Grace” airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on NBC.