UNITED STATES—We are just a few days from the month of February, and I am already over winter. I think I’m more frustrated because in my neck of the woods, winter had been pretty tame until about a week ago. For reasons, that I cannot fathom, people were complaining over the fact that it hadn’t snowed and it wasn’t cold enough. For that matter, it wasn’t truly winter in their opinion. Be careful what you wish for because it seems Mother Nature heard the request and delivered in a way that not many ever expected.

For starters, it has been brutally cold. When I say brutally cold I mean frigid, like to the point as soon as you step outside you’re ready to head back inside. The wind, the chill in the air, it tingles your nose and hits your body in a way that makes it crystal clear staying out in this weather can be deadly. Now, on top of the cold weather you have to add the snow. Look if you’re not someone familiar to driving in the snow, it is not something to mess around with.

Snow, like ice is some of the most dangerous driving conditions. I still cannot understand it to this day why people tend to drive like morons when the weather is bad, but when it’s nice outside everyone wants to drive extra cautious. Hello, you should be driving with that caution when the weather is at its worst. You cannot make sharp turns at a fast pace, and not think you won’t spin out or lose control if you hit a sheet of ice. Why put yourself in position where your life or the lives of other motorists on the road in danger.

I especially find winter weather to be the worst based on the region you live in. I mean last week and this upcoming week, the wind chill is expected to be 20 to 40 degrees below zero. For those who are homeless and living on the streets, this is not just dangerous it’s deadly and not in a good way. Just being exposed to such temperatures for a matter of minutes can instantly cause frostbite to set in.

I wish as a country we could do more to assist and help the homeless; for a nation with so much abundance and wealth, we should be able to do more to house or at least extend a helping hand to those in need to get them back onto their feet. I totally forgot that Groundhog Day might be a predictor if we have another 6 weeks of winter or if things will be cut short. I’m hoping for the later to be honest. I like the winter months because I’m a February baby, but at the same time the harsh cold can place such a damper on things at times that you simply don’t want to do anything, but stay in the house and on the couch. Now tell me how does that actually benefit anyone? Um, it doesn’t.

For kids they get the opportunity to expect tons of snow days, the bitter cold has also led to many schools shutting its doors. That was something never done in the past, but things have vastly changed in recent years. The cold weather is now a reason to shut the doors, and to be honest I’m okay with it. Not every child gets a ride to school, some have to walk and that brutal weather can be downright dangerous for youngsters. I do believe the winter months can be fun, but that is when the weather is not downright brutal and dangerous. Snow and 30 degree temps are fun, snow and below zero temperatures, not so much America. The great thing is that spring is less than 2 months away and I cannot wait.

Written By Kelsey Thomas