SAN FRANCISCO—A couple that owns the nickname, “The San Francisco Witch Killers” may soon receive early parole hearings under a new California law that affords older inmates special consideration.

During a disturbing television interview in January 1983, Michael Bear Carson and his wife Suzan Carson confessed to one in a series of three murders they committed in the name of purging the world of witches.

During the interview, the Carson’s also admitted to having a hit list of celebrities and prominent politicians, a list that included then-President Ronald Reagan and Johnny Carson.

Their first victim, a young man named Clark Stephens who moved to Humboldt County to grow cannabis, was killed in brutal fashion. After running into the Carsons, who were then traveling through Humboldt County, he was declared a witch and shot in the head, doused in kerosene, and burned alive.

Though the Carson’s later recanted their televised confession, they were found guilty of three counts of first degree murder and sentenced to 75 years in prison.

One person that is publicly campaigning against the release of the suspects is Michael Carson’s own daughter, Jenn Carson, who says that she and her mother, lived in fear of Michael and Suzan during their brutal witch hunt.

“My mother and I were in hiding for three years during his murder spree,” Carson said in an interview with ABC10. “This is a dangerous man who killed several people and he has no remorse.”

Michael Carson is scheduled for a parole hearing on June 30.