SAN FRANCISCO—On Thursday evening, June 19, a  33-year-old woman suffered life-threatening injuries in a fight that involved a metal pipe. The incident took place in San Francisco’s Bayview neighborhood, at the intersection between third Street and Quesada Avenue at around 5 p.m., police reported.

Upon arriving at the scene, police learned that two women had gotten into a fight which quickly escalated, which is when a 32-year-old suspect struck the 33 year-old-woman with a metal pipe. The suspect also attempted to use her vehicle as a weapon on the victim.

The victim was rushed to the hospital with critical injuries. The identity or description of the victim has not be released, and police were not able to arrest the suspect.

It is unknown whether the two women knew each other, and what caused the fight in the first place. Police are still investigating the incident, and no update has been given on the victim’s current condition.