HELLO AMERICA!—For years the world has been fed up with all of the gossip and scandalous rumors concerning Woody Allen. This funny-looking little man who is without a doubt a tremendous talent as a comedian, as well as a screenwriter, has attracted some of the most beautiful and gifted women of our time. No matter what he does, his fans, and there are many, seem to overlook the social ramification of his numerous scandals.

For example, when he and actress Mia Farrow were divorced based on the affair he was having with their adopted daughter, Soon-Yi Previn, there was a brief outburst of disgust, but it quickly dwindled. Not even when he dared to marry the young girl, there was a shock reaction, a brief outcry of disgust from the public, but it didn’t affect his fan base or creative standing in the entertainment industry.

Allen from all reports has decided to let it all hang out in a film script based on a “guy like himself” to put to rest all the poison rumors that have followed him down through the years.

“I sort of let everybody else talk about my life and why things turned out the way they did,” he admitted to Bobby Louis, a close friend. “But let’s face it, there comes a time when one has to stand up and be counted.”

He quietly regrets how his union with actress Mia Farrow ended; even though it was and still stormy in many ways, he still considers her one of the best talents around. “Mia,” he said, “is magic when she faces the camera. This is the kind of light very few people are gifted with as artists.”

As for his other romantic involvements down through the years, he insists that there are no regrets.

“They were right, beautiful at the time and each one served a purpose in my life. Diane Keaton was a challenge in every way possible. She let you know very quickly how she felt about things and we had quite a few exciting verbal but creative battles!” He credits her with forcing him to look in the mirror and accepting who he really was. “I definitely wasn’t a Cary Grant or a Rock Hudson but just a guy from the Bronx, simple as that,” Allen declared.

Friend, Bobby Louis made it very clear that his friend ‘Woody’ is a very happy man who regrets very little. “The only thing he feels a bit sad about is that his and Mia’s kids were deeply affected by what happened to their little family. However, he understands why they don’t want to have any kind of relationship with him, after-all they’re protecting their mom, it’s understandable, but that, of course, doesn’t stop him from hoping and wishing.”

The working title of Woody’s new work is called “Man on the Run With Dreams” which he promises has “tons of funny scenes,” as well as those which will “touch” your heart.  There is no doubt that Woody Allen is a survivor, one who finds it very easy or simple to laugh and cry at the same time.