SAN FRANCISCO—On Thursday, February 1, the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office disclosed that a conviction was secured against Wyn Leung, 47, of San Francisco, after a trial by jury for the brutal murder of his estranged wife in a church after she had attended Palm Sunday services on March 25, 2018. The defendant was convicted of first-degree murder (PC 187(a)) with an allegation that he personally used a weapon found to be true and was also convicted of felony domestic violence (PC 273.5) causing great bodily injury and violation of a restraining order causing injury.

According to testimony and other evidence presented during trial, the victim filed for divorce from Leung, her abusive husband, and received the Court Appointed Family Court Counsellor’s recommendation that she receive full physical and legal custody of the couple’s two children. Three days before the scheduled Family Court date, Leung found the victim at church services and waited until other parishioners left before entering the church in violation of a domestic violence restraining order that had been issued against him.

He asked the pastor of the church to find the victim and tell her that he would like to speak with her about child custody. When the victim refused to speak with him, Leung tracked her down and stabbed her 20 times before turning the knife on himself.

Authorities arrived at the scene and the defendant refused to drop the knife as ordered. Officers took him into custody and summoned aid for the victim, who later died of her injuries at a local hospital.

The case against Wyn Leung was successfully prosecuted by Assistant District Attorney Danielle Hilton, with assistance from District Attorney Investigators Douglass Keely and Omega Crum, paralegals Jessica Diamond and Julio Flores and IT support from Morris Moore and Noaeh Pinaire. Victim witness advocate Wesley Chu was integrally involved in supporting the family both here and in China throughout the pendency of the case.

Prosecutors were able to deliver a strong case thanks to the dedication of officers and command staff from the San Francisco Police Department, the San Francisco State Police Department and former officers from the Broadmoor Police Department.

“I am tremendously thankful for all of the men and women from the various police departments who worked on their vacations, came in when injured and went above and beyond to help ensure this victim of domestic violence received justice,” said Assistant District Attorney Danielle Hilton. “The efforts within the District Attorney’s office and the police departments in this case exemplify the care and passion with which we approach the prosecution of intimate partner violence.”

Leung is currently in custody pending sentencing. A sentencing date will be scheduled on March 4, 2024.