SAN FRANCISCO—The 21-year-old endangered lemur that went missing from the San Francisco Zoo was found by a 5-year-old boy native to San Francisco.

The ring-tailed lemur, Maki, went missing on Wednesday and was originally reported to be stolen from the zoo. Dale City Police were called Thursday evening when the young boy noticed the animal outside of his daycare. When arriving at the location, the officers found the lemur to be in the Hope Lutheran Church’s playground.

Maki was brought back to the zoo immediately after, and is said to be in good condition. The Dale City PD Twitter account tweeted; “We found Maki, the stolen lemur from @sfzoo!!  Around 5 p.m., we got a report he was in the playground area of the Hope Lutheran Church. We contained him until staff from the zoo took him back home.” 

ABC7 SF News spoke with preschooler James Trinh, the boy who spotted the lemur outside. Trinh told reporter, Kate Larsen, it was exciting to see Maki and he liked the way he looked with his three colors of black, white, and gray.

The San Francisco Police Department suspect someone stole the lemur from the zoo and are still searching for the individual.