HELLO AMERICA!—It seems that Barack Obama’s decision to reappear on the political scene in support of his party’s determination to reclaim the House of Representatives is what the Democrats needed. As a result, the support of his party who are determined to take back control of the House of Representatives has suddenly taken on a new shape of life.

This seems to have made a difference in how the young and others realize how important it is for them to be re-energized enough to rid the current political moves by those who are determined to minimize whatever the Declaration of Independence was meant to be for all citizens of our great nation. This became even more evident when we received a call from several very talented young film makers: Christopher Devon Cavalier, Miguel Plaster, Rus Roberson and Thomas Poole who have joined together in producing their film “What About the People?”

Cavalier who has been creating award winning short films as well as documentaries for several years now, was eager to acknowledge that he felt that millions of hard-working people feel as though they are living on borrowed time with the current administration in Washington.

“There is something desperately wrong in the way those who are in control relate to the needs of the poorer or working class in our nation today,“ he declared. “I feel it is up to us the young people that it affects most, to wake up; let those who are in command understand that we are a democracy, not some fascist nation living under an iron hand of a czar or king or whatever. This is what America was never meant to be!”

Miguel Plaster, who is earning tremendous respect as a filmmaker quickly noted that he joined the other filmmakers and collected tons of films on Trump during his early days in New York making deals which nearly always failed or resulted in tremendous legal questions.

“For me, I see a guy who has always needed to be in the spotlight. Trump always needed to be in the spotlight, hearing applause and trying to maintain his so-called magic by eliciting the affection of some new pretty lady whenever possible. He’s a New Yorker who is from a family and neighborhood of tough guys who will stop at nothing to get what they want. He’s not a traditional president, but a mob-leader and expects everyone to give him the respect he believes he was born to have. To him, his life is a movie and he is the DON, a Marlon Brando character. When doing the research on Trump, he is wrapped up in images such as Cagney and Bogart, all those guys people loved to watch; he didn’t watch the kind of character they played, he was fascinated by their lifestyle and determination to win or rule whatever they had around them.”

When asking about the title of their film, his response was quick and assertive. The “people” were meant to be controlled in every way possible. Stalin once enunciated that he wanted the young people of Russia because, then, he would have the kind of Russia he needed to have. Obviously, the man who sleeps in the White House and plays golf exists under this very dangerous notion. He sees the “people” as simply servants of different colors and shades to do his will without question. If they dare attempt to defy his will or thinking, it is the “whip” or being ostracized.

Chris Cavalier noted that footage will be inserted of such dangerous leaders as Hitler, Mussolini, Idi Amin and Robert Mugabe, all of these despots used their people to usher in their political tribal thinking and belief.

“This is how they had control,” Cavalier added. “[When the] people were at their lowest ebb of knowledge or understanding of what was better for them. They simply wanted or needed to be safe and live with their respective families in peace.”

He also reminded me that he realized that many people resent the comparison with the Nazis of the 1930s, but if one re-explored the rise of this horror which affected the existence of the entire world, a different take and comparison might take root. Their film promises to be quite a heavy class in world history when it comes to those hungry for power and dominance affecting every human move made for respect and freedom. Yes, What About The People!