HOLLYWOOD—At long last the truth about little Christian and his true paternity has finally been unleashed on “The Young and the Restless.” Yes, it was good ole Sharon to break the news to Nick who didn’t want to believe what he was hearing. I was actually baffled to see Phyllis try so hard to prevent the secret from coming to the surface, considering the bombshell Sharon kept regarding Summer a few years back. However, it was gut-wrenching for Nick to digest the news, just as he found himself being blackmailed by Anita. Wow, this woman seriously has some nerve considering this guy’s lover just walked out his life and dropped a bomb regarding the paternity of his son.

I said this months ago, and I will say this again: Nick and Sharon belong together. Those two are destined to be lovers no matter what. I mean they have endured all types of chaos in recent years and through it all they always and I mean always seem to find a way back to each other. Sharon is well aware that Nick is hurting and as a result, she extended an invitation for Nick and Christian to move back into her abode. Yeah, I never expected Nick to stay in Chelsea and Adam’s penthouse, as there are just way too many bad memories in that place. So with Nick moving into close quarters with Sharon it’s just a matter of time before the romance begins to bloom.

Faith, Mariah, Noah and the rest of the clan will be ecstatic to see their family reunited at long last. However, my instinct tells me the writers will throw a thorn into the mix by probably bringing Dylan back to the foray. Remember he’s in the witness protection and only Sharon truly knows why. If he returns to the canvas that will indeed reignite a sibling rivalry for the brothers and put Sharon in a complicated situation. However, here comes Phyllis once again sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong. Phyllis why do you care? You’re not with Nick and he’s not with you. Focus on your relationship with Billy, otherwise your constant involvement is going to cause that relationship to fracture as well.

Victoria has always been a nosy character, but it seems her constant involvement in J.T.’s divorce drama is making her more annoying than anything. J.T. specifically informs his lover to stay out of it, but for the life of me, Victoria cannot catch a clue and continues to make a contentious situation worse by not staying out of it. She should be worried about what will transpire when Victor realizes that his daughter conspired behind his back to oust Ashley from Newman Enterprises.

Ashley is already concerned about Jack and Victoria, and raised her concerns with Billy. So what is Jack and Victoria’s plan? Plot a corporate espionage scheme against Ashley so that Victor has no choice, but to send her packing. What’s the problem? If Jack and Victoria’s scheme comes to light, Ashley will never forgive Jack and Victoria might find herself at serious odds with her father in a way that she has never seen before. I mean Ashley and Jack are already bonding over the disappearance of Dina in Paris. Yeah, I thought Abby was supposed to be handling that situation America? Ashley is already certain Victoria had a role in things, and with J.T. breaking into Jabot to steal those papers, things are going to blow up in her face when he learns what his lover has been up to. More interesting, Victor isn’t buying what his daughter is selling, so could we see Mr. Newman fire his own daughter for her latest stunt.

Couple alert: will they or won’t they? That is the question everyone is asking when it comes to Hilary and Devon. I mean when Devon severed ties with Hilary in the love department he was not joking around. I mean the revelation that she was the catalyst in a large portion of that Juliet and Cane drama Devon was fuming. He was livid and really closed the door on things. With Mariah stepping into the frame for ‘The Hilary Hour,’ could our wicked villain that we love to hate have a transformation? Devon might be willing to give Hilary a second chance, but I’m certain Lily and Cane are implementing ways to plot their revenge on the devious being. Hilary laid it all out to Devon about wanting him to become her baby daddy, but he was not buying what she sold.

Making the situation worse is the fact that Hilary and Devon seem to be bonding to a degree, but Lily and Cane are still livid with Hilary’s role in Juliet’s lawsuit. Gotta say, Hilary has to be held to the flames for this one; this woman has gotten off with so many wicked schemes it’s time for a bit of reckoning. I must say “The Young and the Restless” looks to be gearing up for a major showdown involving Victor and Victoria Newman and I wonder what the fallout will be!