HOLLYWOOD—Viewers haven’t seen Bill Spencer aka Dollar Bill for quite some time as the focus on the CBS soap “The Bold and the Beautiful” shifted towards Ridge and Brooke’s wedding, while also highlighting the burgeoning romance between Liam and Hope. Well, in the past week Bill Spencer returned and he did so in epic fashion. For starters, he has already created a list of enemies that is so long, the writing is on the wall: Mr. Spencer had a very bad week when a bullet was put into his back.

First, Sally Spectra was never a fan of Bill after he came after her and Spectra Fashions. After reneging on the deal to help her rebuild her company, she decided to fire a shot at his beloved ‘Sky’ that made Bill livid. That was only the beginning of the madness. I seriously have no idea what the writers are planning with Wyatt, Katie and Thorne. I mean at first it was apparent that Wyatt and Katie were no more, only to see her explosive chemistry with Thorne to come to a halt as a direct result of Wyatt deciding to confess his feelings to Katie and proposing marriage!

Yeah, that really came out of left field, but nothing like the reaction both received when they shared the news with Bill. Bill was livid when Liam betrayed him, however, he was fuming when he learned his son was hooking up with his ex-wife. Well Bill, you slept with Katie’s sister, Brooke, I’d say this is just a touch of karma that you absolutely deserve. Bill went mayhem, threatening to cut Wyatt off, taking of that iconic sword and threatening to take Will from Katie if she continues down this path. Yeah, add two more names to Bill’s hit list, which is growing people.

Eric and Quinn were stunned with Wyatt and Katie’s news, but Eric was about to collapse when he discovered Bill slept with Steffy. Yeah, Quinn was stunned by the revelation, but more by Bill’s threats to their son, which has myself and so many others crossing our fingers for the old Quinn to return in the flesh. Quinn made threats, and the glare in her eyes was a clear sign she meant business. This is an interesting development because guess who was back in the foray last week: Sheila Carter! Yes, the villainess returned and was watching with a keen eye as she witnessed the fireworks between Ridge and Bill. It was so interesting, that Ridge pulled Sheila aside and asked her to do what she does best: kill. Ridge put the notion into Sheila’s head to take out Bill Spencer.

That was only made worse, when Pam overheard a conversation involving Steffy and Bill and jumped to conclusions where she blurted out some inaccurate details to Charlie, Rick and Maya. Ridge’s fury exploded to the point that he had a physical confrontation with his nemesis that set the stage for an attempted murder. Steffy was on cloud nine realizing that she is making progress with Liam. He did attend the sonogram and is somewhat able to stay in a room with his wife. However, viewers see it every single day: Hope and Liam are rebuilding their bond, and Steffy should indeed be worried. She was making a meal for Liam, and it certainly looked like Liam was looking into the home from a distance where he spotted Bill and Steffy having a conversation. Bill has literally gone off the rails because he asked Steffy to marry him, which appalled Brooke.

Cue the moment of truth, because with the weather bad outside Bill’s power was going in and out, which presented the perfect time for an intruder to make way into his home and deliver a bullet to his back with his custom gold gun. Now, the list of suspects is extreme, but we know for certain Katie didn’t commit the deed as she found Bill bleeding on the floor and called for help. So while Dollar Bill looked like a goner, he’ll survive, but an attempted murder mystery has erupted that is a ton of fun.

On the suspect list: Ridge, Pam, Rick, Sally, Wyatt that disgruntled Spencer Publication employee, Sheila, Quinn and Liam. Now, I know many of you are thinking it wasn’t Liam, but how fund would it be if it WAS! I loved and I mean loved how the B&B writers weaved this tale because anyone could be guilty and I would be happy with the outcome, well everyone except Rick because him as the shooter just seemed too far-fetched in my opinion.

Bill pointed the finger at Ridge, which makes sense considering all the threats he made, and was the last person to come face-to-face with Bill. However, don’t rule out Justin, cause he seemed like he’d go to the extreme to get Bill’s seat. I mean this guy is such a loyal puppy. Why? He threw Ridge out of a helicopter America! You also need to add Thomas Forrester to that list because he made his unexpected return to Los Angeles this week, which raises flags on all cylinders if you ask me.

It still baffles me that Don Diamont was NOT considered for a Daytime Emmy America! The guy has been phenomenal the past year, and I can see things only becoming more twisted once Bill’s shooter is finally revealed on “The Bold and the Beautiful!”