“Young And Restless” February Sweeps

Neil has learned the truth about his son Devon hooking up with his wife Hilary.

HOLLYWOOD—In the soap world, the month of February is huge. Many soap operas tend to unfold their major storylines in the first week of the month; however, “The Young and the Restless” is taking a different approach. The number 1 daytime soap is slowly igniting the fire to what is sure to be a wicked month.

For a few weeks, the soap has teased of an impending storm that is certain to leave a wave of disaster when it’s over. I must admit, the soap has used this tactic before in the past, but it works so well because it gives characters that the audience never expect the opportunity to shine a bit.

For months, we’ve known that Devon and Hillary have been secretly hooking up behind Neil’s back without his knowledge. Imagine the eyeful he caught when his sight suddenly came back to him and he spotted his son and his wife having sex! Yep, he saw it all, but choose to keep the ruse that he is able to see to himself. That sneaky Neil, but at least one person knows his secret: Nikki. The tortured Newman soul, who has had her world turned upside down in 2014 thanks to Ian Ward, has jumped off the wagon and has been secretly drinking. It’s causing all sorts of problems for the matriarch, so much so she almost dropped her granddaughter.

Neil will be lucky if Nikki even remembers what he divulged to her, the big kicker is what Lily will do when she discovers the ruse that Cane, Hillary, Collin and Devon have kept from her. To say livid will be an understatement. What’s worse, looks like the Winters family will be boarding a plane, just as the storm rolls in, and someone’s life will indeed be in peril. Start taking your guesses because I’m certain a death is happening in the next week or so in Genoa City.

Speaking of crazy, the viewers are well aware that Kelly poisoned herself and put the blame on Phyllis who is slowly unraveling. Guess who comes to her rescue? No, it’s not Jack, its Victor! What the beef is between these two I’ll never know. Seems Victor never learns his lesson, even after his little ruse with Jack resulted in the death of Colleen. I’m guessing that will only occur if it’s a member of his family that pays the ultimate price for the sins of his father. I have an inkling that may soon happen.

Seems everyone in town knows something is off with the relationship between Sage and Gabriel, but only two people know the truth that Gabriel is actually Adam Newman. Does Adam really think he can win Chelsea back by revealing himself? He is aware that his ex-wife is now in a relationship with Billy Abbott, the father of the little girl he killed and attempted to cover up. Just imagine the whirlwind when Billy learns that Adam is still alive and that his brother Jack failed to inform him of the truth. A family squabble will only be the beginning of the madness.

In other wild news, the sparks are beginning to fly between Sharon and Dylan. Who would have expected this coupling, not me, but its apparent Avery is also recalling good times with her hubby Joe Clark. I have the oddest feeling Sharon and Dylan will hook up, just as Joe and Avery will. Wonder how Nick will respond to the news? Well considering he has Sage intriguing his interests, he might not notice. Fans should be prepared for a wicked February in Genoa City. I mean the month can be brutally cold, and full of fierce snow storms, so it seems the writers are taking a slice out of real life and putting a creative twist on it. “The Young and the Restless” airs weekdays on CBS.