HOLLYWOOD—A relationship that really should not be a front-burner tale is turning into one on the CBS soap “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Zoe Buckingham and Zende Forrester have been dancing around their flirtation for weeks now, but the spark has been lit and it seems that things are about to explode in epic fashion. Zoe seems all but regulated to the fact that she wants to see if the grass is greener on the other side and it might cost her dearly.

Why? She has a charming, decent man in Carter, who has wooed her and wants to be with her so much to the point he has proposed marriage. She accepted, but has had reservations ever since she laid eyes on Zende. Here is the thing about Zende, he is a ladies man or at least he was until he got married to Nicole Avant. Their marriage has crumbled, but the audience still has no idea why that is the case.

Something is telling me Zende might have been cheating in his marriage which led to the dissolution. If I’m being honest it would be fun to see Nicole return in the flesh to Los Angeles and deliver an even bigger ripple in this storyline. I’ve given you a tip writers you should consider it.

Zoe was keeping her feelings hidden, but not anymore. Carter senses something is off, Paris is starting to pick-up on the vibe and worse of all: Ridge Forrester has realized it. Yes, Ridge is a confidant of Carter, so the fact that his pal could be in a relationship with someone who is not fully committed. It is one thing to flirt with Zende, it is another thing to openly flirt with him in front of him with Steffy and Ridge in the room. Yeah, Ridge picked up on things and this week it opened his eyes fully that Zoe is interested in Zende not Carter and it led to Ridge confronting the woman who had a role in hiding the parentage of a child and his nephew.

Hmm, February sweeps is right around the corner and something is telling me that Carter and Zoe’s happily ever after is about to explode because he’s pushing up the timeline for that big marriage people and Zoe has cold feet. How will it all play out we will have to wait and see, but with Paris learning that Zoe and Zende have a ‘thing’ she has the ammunition to blow her sister’s world apart and it might lead to an epic confrontation and explosion people.

That relationship is NOT the only one holding on by a thread, as Liam, Steffy, Hope and Finn are patiently waiting the results of that paternity test and they might have to wait just a bit longer because it is too early for a test. Steffy is playing victim per usual, so is Liam, which has left both Finn and Hope livid at their respective lovers. Thomas has learned a bit about the tryst which unexpectedly he fought for Hope to forgive her husband. So it is very possible that Thomas has turned over a new leaf America or his playing up that card to make his move when Hope is most vulnerable.

My gut is telling me this baby is going to be Liam’s because of the endless storyline opportunities it presents. However to be honest, it would be great if it was Finn so we can severe this Hope, Liam and Steffy love triangle once and for all America, for once and all. The writers are finally putting the spotlight on other characters on the canvas people. I mean it has seemed like months since I can last recall seeing Bill Spencer or Katie Logan on the soap.

It was almost like everyone else on the soap literally took a backseat the drama involving Thomas and his health crisis. Bill wanting Katie to forgive him I thought we ALREADY dealt with this storyline months ago? Well we are there once again, and with Brooke solidly committed to Ridge (let’s hope the Liam and Steffy cheating) doesn’t cause more ripples Bill should be focused on Katie.

The writers, really have to figure out more of a tale to deliver to these amazing actors, who in my opinion are being underutilized to have a crossover event with “The Young and the Restless” for some silly storyline involving Summer and Sally. Yeah, that Sally, the one who was booted from the soap and found greener pastures on “Y&R.”

Let’s be honest, this was just the writers throwing a bone to Wyatt and Flo who have absolutely nothing going on story wise since Sally vacated the building. They better find something soon because as a viewer, I had all but forgotten they were part of the soap America. So that screams wonders if we’re being honest here and that is not good. February sweeps are coming, which makes me wonder, what is going to be the big reveal of bombs dropped for the writers. They need something epic people on “Bold and Beautiful!”