100 Laptops Stolen From School


SAN FRANCISCO—On July 28, a burglar stole 100 laptops from St. Thomas the Apostle School around 1 a.m. The laptops were meant to be distributed to children without access to a computer at home and participating in distance learning.

Parts of the school were damaged, as rooms were left in disrepair and the computer cart was pushed down a flight of stairs, opening its lock. A member of the parent-teacher group told ABC7 News that the burglar “ate all of the food faculty room that has been there since March.” Marshmallows and popsicles from the school’s reserve were found dispersed on the floor. 

The burglar on a school security camera, screenshot from ABC7 News

The same day, around a dozen laptops were discovered at a nearby bus stop, and returned to the school by an unidentified person. 

St. Thomas Apostle School has set up a donation website for support. According to the page, donations will fund supplies and equipment such as sanitizing wipes, fans, sanitation stations, and desk partitions to help the school reopen safely.

100 Laptops Stolen From School was originally published on San Francisco News