3.6 Magnitude Earthquake Hits San Francisco

San Francisco has been experiencing strong seismic activity.

SAN FRANCISCO—A 3.6 magnitude earthquake hit the San Francisco Bay area on Saturday, December 17, at around 3:39 a.m.

It was centered less than a mile northeast of El Cerrito with a depth of 3.6 miles according to reports. USGS measured the quake at 4.0 at first, but was remeasured. A temblor was felt throughout the Bay Area and was felt strongly in Berkeley. 

USGS said reports of feeling the quake were rolling in from across the East Bay, San Francisco and the San Francisco Peninsula into the South Bay. There were no reports of damage or injury. 

The San Francisco area has experienced seismic activity recently. A 5.1 magnitude earthquake struck the area on October 25. It was the strongest quake felt in the region since 2014.