SAN FRANCISCO—On Tuesday, June 16, San Francisco 49ers’ wide receiver Deebo Samuel broke his left foot in Nashville, Tennessee during a throwing session with Jimmy Garoppolo and  and his teammates.

Samuel’s foot was jones fracture, which is a break between the base and shaft of the fifth metatarsal bones of a foot. The injury could take several months for Samuel’s to recover.

Ian Rapoport, from NFL Network reported that as of June 18 “my understanding is he’s having surgery from Dr. Robert Anderson and that is happening today in Green Bay. He should miss between 12-16 weeks.”

Samuel posted the following tweet at 12:46 p.m. “10 weeks I’m back better than the deebo you seen before.”

During an Instagram Live on June 18, Samuel stated: “I was running routes with my ‘dawg’ in Nashville and it just popped. Surgery went perfect, I’m telling y’all in 10 weeks there will be a better Deebo than you guys seen I’m telling you.. legendary.”

A fan asked who’s going to break out this year and Deebo responded “me I’m telling you, I’m so hungry.”

One of Samuel’s teammates, Trent Taylor suffered the same injury in 2019. Taylor was placed on injured reserved a few weeks into the season after having surgery during the offseason.

The second year wide receiver had 57 catches, 802 yards, 3 touchdowns, and averaged 14.1 yards a carry. Samuel had 53 yards rushing in Super Bowl XLIV vs. the Kansas City Chiefs which was the most ever by a wide receiver.

Samuel had a few injuries the past couple of years.

“He had two hamstring injuries in 2015-2016, and leg fibula fracture in 2017,” stated on its website.

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