UNITED STATES—Something  you have to be good at to win in your daily fantasy baseball games is to predict things accurately. However, everything shouldn’t be left on luck alone. There is a science behind winning fantasy baseball. That said, research is a must if you want to stick to numbers.

Back in the old days, many bettors build their lineups based on typical stats and do not have depth in them. Stats like the number of home runs, the batting average of a player, or team wins are just some of the most common figures that average Joes use. If you want to go more in-depth to each of the players’ strengths, or team positioning, there are stats for that.

Here are some of them.

K/9 or Strikeouts per 9 Innings

If you’re a beginner, you should check out your chosen pitcher’s strikeouts per nine innings if you want to make sure that he is an excellent pitcher. What is the number of batters the pitcher strikeout every nine innings? This is one of the most important statistics you should always check out on a pitcher, alongside its contribution to the team.

It should also be the first thing you should check in your pitcher since many people only check on the number of wins of the team the pitcher is on. An ace is an excellent addition to your roster, but they only come rarely. That said, try finding a pitcher that has at least eight strikeouts per 9 innings. If you found a pitcher with a double-digit score in his K/9, you got yourself a winner.

EV or Exit Velocity

This stat is measured by how fast a ball travels when a batter hits it. Always remember that the more challenging the batter hits the ball, the faster the ball travels, and the less time the defenders will have to react to the ball.

More often than not, the exit velocity usually refers to the average exit velocity of all the balls hit by the batter in the course of a season. The average exit velocity of the league back in 2019 is 89.0 mph. Nelson Cruz, which has an average exit velocity of 93.7 mph, is the player with the most exit velocity.

WOBA or Weighted On-Base Average

WOBA calculates how much a batter is worth offensively whenever he is on the play. It takes factors like his ability to slug a ball and how fast he is running for a base. It is somehow similar to OPS or On-Base Plus Slugging. However, OPS doesn’t weigh all of the factors correctly. WOBA, on the other hand, gives a correct calculation on these factors and determines how your MLB DFS picks are worth it when they’re in play.

Spin Rate

Another advanced stat you might like to see is the spin rate. The spin rate calculates how many spins the ball takes after it is thrown by the pitcher, calculated by getting its revolutions per minute. This is important because the spin rate also directly influences the ball’s track and its velocity.

For example, a fastball thrown with a high spin rate across a plate on the higher plane will cause that fastball to have a curved track, which is called a rising fastball. Think of it like this: the higher the spin rate is, the higher the curveball break.

However, that is not to say that the higher the pitcher’s spin rate, the more effective he will be in pitching. It would be best if you always looked at the versatility of the pitcher. Always remember that there are some batters out there that are good in hitting fastballs with high spin rates.

WHIP or Walks and Hits divided by Innings pitched

WHIP is measured by how many walks the pitcher has and how many balls are hit coming from the pitcher. Whenever the batter gets on a base, you lose points. That said, if your pitcher’s WHIP is high, he is more likely to let a walk happen or give up on a runner. This is why you should always check the pitcher’s WHIP because there will always be baserunners in every game.

Even if the pitcher has a high exit velocity and high spin rate, if he also has a high WHIP rate, then it is all for naught.


The stats mentioned above are just some of the stats you should look out for in every position you are filling in. Every position has its stats and complexities, so you should be careful in assessing them. Also, high stats alone don’t mean that the player is good. These figures are versatile and unpredictable, so we should always consider all the odds in the game.