SAN FRANCISCO—On Monday, September 28, a man at the Nashville International Airport was arrested after airport officers discovered approximately 87 pounds of marijuana in two of his bags. 

According to an arrest report,  the suspect, Julian Gioffre, 26, arrived in Nashville from San Francisco. Upon arrival, he claimed his luggage before a K-9 unit approached him and inspected his bags. The dog alerted the officers of a drug odor that was coming from the bags, and the suspect was arrested on site. He was taken into custody Monday night, and booked into Nashville’s Metro jail. He faces a felony charge for illegal drug possession, and his bail is set at $75,000.

Upon inspecting the bags, officers discovered two bundles of marijuana weighing 87 pounds total. THC gummies, another form of marijuana, were also found inside Gioffre’s backpack.

On September 28, Doug Kreulen, Nashville Airport CEO and President, addressed the incident in a tweet that read: “In addition to FREE masks to fight COVID-19 we also have FREE rides to Metro booking when K-9 Havoc smells you landing at BNA. Com on man, pack your music, your guitar and your songs when flying into @Fly_Nashville. Next time leave your two bales behind in San Francisco.”

This is the second time in a week that the Nashville airport has made a drug bust. On September 23, airport officers seized 85 pounds of marijuana in luggage during an unrelated incident.