HOLLYWOOD—The tension has been building for weeks America, and last week things finally and I mean finally exploded on “The Young and the Restless.” Jack and Ashley Abbott have been doing their best to rekindle their relationship with their mother Dina Mergeron, who was absent a good chunk of their childhood. As a result, Dina has been on eggshells while in the presence of her children, which has led her to constantly lean on the shoulder of her confidant Graham Davis.

Yes, Graham has been a bit of an enigma for weeks, but Ashley was able to finally put the pieces to the puzzle together, with a little help from her sister Tracy. They realized that Graham is a man from their past, and that his entire agenda has been to suck money dry from Dina for her role in causing his stepfather Brent Davis from abandoning him and his mother after she had an affair with him. Ashley had been eagerly biting her time on when to drop the bomb on her mother and Graham that she knows all about his sordid past, but who would have expected such madness to erupt at Ashley’s big event.

Ashley, portrayed by the ferocious Eileen Davidson was being honored for all her incredible work, when she decided to reveal Graham’s dirty past to her shocked mother. Dina, in a moment of frustration revealed to a good chunk of residents of Genoa City Ashley’s true heritage; she’s not an ABBOTT people! Nope, John Abbott is not her father, Brent Davis is. Cue the gasps; cue the reactions from Jack and Ashley who were stunned with the revelation. This news kind of places Ashley in a tough spot people because all that power she had been wielding for years, is not so powerful anymore. I guess good news still remains for her daughter, Abby who is still a Newman, but that Abbott blood does not run through her veins.

She was stunned, hurt and visibly shaken by her mother dropping such an explosive bomb that she promised would never see the light of day. Making the situation worse is the fact that Jack knew, and didn’t spill the tea to Billy or Tracy. Tracy is more amendable, but Billy, the guy holds a grudge unlike no other. How is this situation further complicated? Well, Jack, Ashley, Ravi and Phyllis are all AWARE that Billy was the culprit accessing the Jabot server to gain highly-protective information.

The bomb hasn’t been dropped on Billy, but when it is, expect the Abbott clan to be further fractured by such betrayal. Billy has deemed Ashley his sister no matter what, but I’m not so sure he will feel that way once he learns about her role in his demise. To make matters worse, Dina confronted Graham, who in a tense argument fled Dina’s hotel room when her health took a turn for the worse, leaving Dina unconscious. So imagine what will transpire when Ashley and Jack, who are not too happy with their mother right now, learns that she could be nearing death? Yes, Ashley, Jack and Tracy bonded to protect their mother, but good ole Graham has the power of attorney over Dina’s medical affairs preventing the siblings from visiting their mother.

Jack drew up some paperwork, and it seems they are going to play Graham’s game to get a bit of leverage over him. Many speculated that Graham and Ashley could be half-siblings, but that is not the case. It would be interesting because could you imagine Ashley’s reaction to that news; the guy she despises happens to be a sibling of hers. Her hatred would only intensify people.

There are plenty of rumblings in the relationship world. Nick and Chelsea are still going strong, even though Nick went on the Hilary Hour to throw a bit of egg in Victor’s face. Nick be careful; Victor knows your son’s true parentage, and I think he is biting his time to drop that bomb to destroy your world and relationship with Chelsea. Mariah and Tessa have been closer each week, and it’s becoming apparent to others. Even Sharon picked up on the fact that something is going on with her daughter and Tessa, and that places her in a tough spot. Why?

Tessa is tangled in relationships with two of her kids and one of them will inevitably get hurt. The tension between Phyllis and Billy is looking to explode any minute, and oh, we can’t forget about Victoria. Something is wrong with her and she has been covering for weeks with those in her inner circle. It looks like her vision or hearing could be taking a hit and I’m intrigued to see where this story will head in coming weeks people. “Y&R” is a soap known for having a good murder mystery or death during sweeps, so I don’t expect anything less in coming weeks.