HOLLYWOOD—We discussed this issue last week, and the confirmation took place on Monday’s episode of “Days of Our Lives.” Abigail Deveraux is dead America. I expected her death to be more vicious in fashion, but nope, it was simply a stabbing. Chad discovered his wife’s bloody body on the bed and did his best to keep her alive, but she was cold and blue people.

By the time Abigail was rushed to the hospital it was too late. Kayla had to break the news to Chad and EJ, just as she shared the news with Steve, who realized his niece was murdered and he’d have to break the news to his brother Jack. Yeah, talk about devastation because Jack and Jennifer were overcome with grief after learning and coming face-to-face with their daughters’ body. The same sentiment was echoed with Marlena, Belle, Susan and Johnny.

Abigail’s death is rocking Salem people, however, there are a few people who are not feeling the grief; they are feeling fear. The top three on that list is: Lucas, Gwen and Leo. Leo happened to peer into Abigail’s bedroom on that fateful day. We did see a flash forward of 23 hours, which means as the mystery unfolds we will learn what transpired in flashbacks. Leo was seen in Salem panicked and sweaty, Gwen had apparently busted out of prison the night Abigail was murdered and for Lucas he was a on a drunken bender worried about what Abigail might do with the truth about him kidnapping Sami and framing EJ.

Simply put we have characters with a motive to want to murder Abigail, but as I noted last week Lucas, Gwen and Leo, all seem too easy. Leo and Gwen pointed the finger at each other, and Chad seemed to pinpoint Leo and Gwen at the top of his list and rightfully so. Chad confronted Leo, who pleaded his innocence, but I wonder what will happen when security evidence reveals Leo was inside the DiMera mansion uninvited.

Lucas was so drunk the night of Abigail’s murder, he has no idea what transpired. Which likely means he was setup by someone; the question of the hour is who set up Lucas Horton and why? I mean he’s acting guilty as hell as he provides a shoulder for Jennifer to lean on during this time of need people.

In other Salem news, Tripp has decided to vacate breaking the news to Kayla and Steve that he plans to spend time with his siblings. He also broke that news to Allie and Chanel. Allie felt guilty, but we all know Tripp is the least of her worries as Allie and Johnny continue to vie for Chanel’s affection. Paulina has managed to make bail, but her worries are far from over. The audience knows Lani pulled the trigger killing TR and Eli and Abe seem to know as well, but are keeping mum to protect Lani from backlash from the bomb coming out people. Just as the audience thinks they know who might be the guilty party in Abigail’s murder, another suspect makes the list: Sarah Horton. Sarah has been hallucinating, which once again seems too much like a red herring if you ask me.

I do have an idea of two other suspects who could be on the list, but I will save that for later. Let’s just say look closer at Clyde, Andre or Tony DiMera. Things will unfold in the coming weeks so it will be intriguing to see where this murder mystery goes people.