Addressing The Crisis In Syria

Barack Obama

UNITED STATES—It’s an issue that has literally swept the nation in the past week or so.  The threat of chemical warfare at the hands of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad has many Americans and members of Congress worried that another war could be at stake.  This crisis could be more serious than what Americans were forced to speculate withIraqa few years back.  The attack killed more than 1,400 people and hundreds more have been killed, with a country that is literally at war.

President Barack Obama addressed the nation on Tuesday, September 10 to discuss the situation at hand. Nearly a 100,000 people have died in the past two years as citizens of the country have protested the regime of Syrian President Assad. The images of this massacre have surfaced online including children and adults who were lined up.  This is despicable to say the least that a government would partake in such evil attacks to prevent people from the right to engage in civil protests.

The President assured the public that they know for a fact that the Assad regime was responsible for the attack.  Rockets filled with the deadly gas expanded to multiple neighborhoods that spread like a plague.  “These things happened. The facts cannot be denied,” stated President Obama. He raised concerns about the issue being a threat to our security, which sends a message that the Syrian government would have no fear in implementing more attacks; even more frightening are terrorists groups getting their hands on these weapons and using them as a form of attack on others.

I know many are concerned about going to war in a time where the U.S. government is in economic turmoil and I couldn’t agree more.  Unfortunately, I am unable to grapple with this gut instinct that is telling me something far more sinister is at play and I fear that if the U.S. government does not intervene the situation will spiral out of control and threaten many more nations. North Korea had already threatened the past with an attack, which had many fuming that that country’s leader would carry out his plans.

The country of Russia has already asked Syria to hand over its chemical weapons to prevent any further issues.  President Obama is wavering back and forth on the issue in terms of whether to implement a military attack against the country. The president decided that a military strike against the Assad regime would weaken the dictatorship from the acts that they have inflicted.  He has asked for Congress’ involvement in making this tough decision.  Obama addressed a huge concern of most Americans about going to war; perhaps focusing our attention more on the U.S.problems versus the problems of other countries.  I do have the perception that one country’s problem is alsoAmerica’s problem. As a nation, if we turn our back on a nation in need of assistance, then what are we saying about the American public.

The issue of retaliation from the Syrian government has many concerned including myself.  Even though the regime has not made any direct threats to the United States, it’s not to say that it could perhaps happen. “I will not put American boots on the ground of Syria,” stated President Obama.  The goal is to deter the usage of chemical warfare.  I think the Russian governments’ firm stance on the issue alongside the President sends a clear message to the entire country: this is something that will not be accepted.

President Obama indicated during his address that he is asking Congress to halt a vote on a military strike againstSyriauntil the possible resolution that has been put on the table could be resolved. “For nearly seven decades the United States has been the anchor for national security,” stated President Obama.  He is asking the public to view the videos of the attack to see the horror that has taken place.  To be honest I do not want to subject myself to such horrifying imagery; it could be haunting for days, weeks, months or years to come.  The thought of watching a child suffer sends utter chills down my spine.

This is indeed a situation that will be under deep scrutiny and concern in the coming days.  The hope for a diplomatic solution to the crisis at hand could occur if the Syrian government surrenders, but rather or not that actually happens is another story.  President Obama sent a firm statement to the American public that we will not tolerate such violence.

By Trevor Roberts