HOLLYWOOD—The last two episodes of “AHS: 1984” have been so good, I felt like just give me the finale already because I want to see how it all unfolds. Well, the finale is upon us people, as the TV anthology paid tribute to 80s horror fashion in epic glory with the episode, ‘Rest in Pieces.’ Oh, things were bloody and damn good. We learned last week that Benjamin’s mother was the first serial killer unleashed at the camp back in the late 40s after her son Bobby was killed in a boating accident.

She has been haunting Xavier, Ray, Chet and Montana, as well as psychologically torturing Benjamin about his failure to watch his brother like she asked him to. To be honest if he REALLY was a serial killer his mother’s treatment of him, would be a valid excuse. This woman was just cruel and it was nice to see Lily Rabe return to the franchise. I mean I can’t recall the last time I saw her and Dylan McDermott. When we left off, all the pieces of the puzzle was coming together at Camp Redwood.

Richard Ramirez made his presence known, Margaret was unaware of the threat headed her direction and Trevor reunited with Montana, just as Brooke and Donna planned their return to Camp Redwood. I loved hearing Donna school Brooke about 80s horror and the importance of the final girl. She even tipped her hat to the fact that Blacks are killed first, which is so true in typical horror.

Bruce looks like he is up to no good heading back to Camp Redwood, with Jonas keeping him company, just as Margaret came face-to-face with the fact that their headliners for the music festival are dead, and bloody dead on top of that. Instead of contacting the police, Margaret wanted to cover everything up. The level of stupidity is just disturbing people. Richard came face-to-face with Benjamin and fight between the two transpired with Benjamin being run over by Bruce of all people. Richard decided to utilize Bruce in his hunt for Mr. Jingles.

Brooke and Donna’s ruse was blown by a pesky reporter, who wanted the scoop of a lifetime, which she salivated for. Brooke dropped the bomb that Margaret Booth was the serial killer, which left the reporter baffled to the core. Trevor and Montana consummated their relationship and he professed his love. Margaret was not happy spotting her hubby sleeping with the enemy. Margaret unleashed her fury on Jonas and Jingles, as she recruited Bruce and Richard for her killing spree.

Details of the truth about Camp Redwood continued to question people’s loyalty, just as Stacy unwilling led herself to her demise. Unfortunately, Margaret discovered Brooke and Donna were plotting revenge and was ready to make a move. The victims of Camp Redwood planned to torture Jingles as he pleaded his case to not allow Richard Ramirez and Margaret to get away with their crimes. Jingles spilled that Brooke was responsible for sleeping with the Night Stalker and setting a string of chaos in motion, which frightened Ray and Xavier.

Brooke was ready to murder Stacy, but Donna stopped her from making a mistake, but Bruce, Ramirez and Margaret ended her life. Trevor confided in Montana that he wanted to stay with her forever, and planned to kill himself to stay with her. Montana pushed Trevor away in a surprising turn of events. I loved the homage the series paid to the 1980 classic “Friday the 13th” by having Jingles younger brother pulling him into the water. However, things ended a bit somber for my liking with Jingles potentially giving up on his mission to put an end to the Night Stalker to reunite with Bobby and his mother.

So next week marks the finale of “AHS: 1984” and if the title is any hint, ‘Final Girl’ should we expect only one person left standing after the curtain closes? We shall see.