SAN FRANCISCO—On June 2, certain international airlines announced that flights to and from San Francisco International Airport (SFO) would resume beginning this month. These airlines include China’s Hong Kong-based Cathay Pacific Airlines, German commercial airline Deutsche Lufthansa, and Dubai-based airline Emirates. United Airlines, an American airline which hosts domestic and international flights, announced last week that they would be resuming certain international flights from the San Francisco International Airport as well.

Cathay Pacific Airlines will be resuming flights from Hong Kong, China to SFO three times per week starting on June 23, 2020, which will increase to four flights per week starting on July 18. Additionally, Cathay Pacific will resume daily flights to Los Angeles, California; London, England; and Sydney, Australia starting the week of July 15-20.

Deutsche Lufthansa, also known as Lufthansa, will be resuming flights from Munich, Germany to SFO three times per week on June 23. Lufthansa also announced that they would be resuming flights from Frankfurt, Germany to SFO, as well as their route from Munich to Los Angeles International Airport.

Emirates will be resuming flights from Dubai, United Arab Emirates to SFO four times per week starting on July 1. Additionally, Emirates will increase the amount of flights from four per week, one flight per day starting on July 15. Emirates had originally planned to resume daily flights to SFO on July 1, but pushed it back to July 15.

United Airlines plans on expanding their international flights at SFO to Tel Aviv, Israel; Delhi, India; South Korea’s capital city, Seoul; and one consolidated route from San Francisco to China and Singapore. United Airlines has not given an exact date as to when these flights are scheduled to begin, but they expect to roll out the changes sometime in early September.