ALEPPO—After failed attempts and days of delay, thousands of people have been evacuated from Aleppo. The besieged Syrian city has been undergoing daily air strikes and attacks since government forces took control of a major roadway leading out of the rebel-ruled portion of the city, trapping about 275,000 Aleppo civilians.

When the rebel-controlled area’s evacuation began, it was unexpected and quick. The United Nations estimated 1.3 million people were under siege by government rebels in approximately 39 communities across Syria.

While the people of Aleppo were being evacuated, more Russian air strikes and attacks occurred in the region. After 6 months of going without food, water, medical attention, and proper necessities, tens of thousands of civilians will receive the help and care they need.

Foreign ministries of Russia, Turkey, and Iran will meet in Moscow on Tuesday ,December 20 to discuss how to develop a peace deal. Efforts between the United States and Russia have not panned out as of yet. Secretary of State John Kerry admitted being “tired” of the talking with Moscow.

Syria’s United Nations Ambassador Bashar Jaffari is confident the rebel-held enclave of Aleppo will be “clean” by December 20. As evacuations continue, the futures of both rebels and civilian refugees appear unclear. Thousands of rebels and thousands of refugees are expected to move to the province of Idlib, where many refugees may push towards the Turkish border.

Turkey aims to build refugee camps that can hold 100,000 refugees. Some have chosen to stay in Aleppo where some are, after months of Russian attacks being treated by Russian doctors in a government-run camp.