HOLLYWOOD—I have seen the trailers and TV spots for the new OWN series, “Ambitions” for weeks. It looks tantalizing, it looks salacious and like entertaining fun. I mean we have Robin Givens in a villainess role people could you ask for anything more? The premiere episode, witnessed Stephanie Carlisle Lancaster (Robin Givens) awakening from a vivid dream where she thought her daughter overdosed on drugs, before her hubby Evan Lancaster (Brian J. White) fired a shot at her.

Stephanie is a top-notch attorney in Atlanta, with her hubby operating as the Mayor of Atlanta. In other news, we met attorneys Amara Hughes (Essence Atkins) and Titus Hughes (Kendrick Cross) doing their best to adjust to their move to Atlanta. Why? Amara cheated on her husband, who hasn’t been able to forgive his wife, who just happens to be former besties with Stephanie. Here’s where things get dicey; Stephanie used to date Titus, before Amara slept with him. Evan’s sister, Rondell (Brely Evans) owns a restaurant that Greg Peters (Gino Anthony Pesi) desperately wants. She threatened him with a knife, and he had no problem getting a little bit f blood on him. Greg is a client of the Carlisle’s law firm. Yes, everyone is part of this tight-knitted web in some way.

Working for the United States Attorney General’s office, Amara found herself in a catch-22 when information dropped in her lap about a case involving dirty dealings involving Evan Lancaster. Amara initially turned down the case, but we know that will not last long. Its apparent that Stephanie is desperate to take over her father, Stephen’s (Steven Williams) firm, but he refused to turn things over to his daughter.

So we have our power players in the mix, but it seems “Ambitions” is a show more driven by the secrets more than anything and I am eager to see what unfolds as the rest of the season progresses. I mean what type of father threatens his daughter and then kisses her on the forward. I’ll tell you: a ruthless one! It looks like the rivalry between the Carlisle and Hughes families goes much deeper. Why? Titus works for a firm that is looking to diffuse Stephen Carlisle and his firm.

The dialogue for the series is not stellar, but I love to see them tackle issues like gentrification, racism in the workplace, the pharmaceutical crisis, cheating, marriage and so much more. Evan is in the crosshairs with Greg, just as Titus and Stephanie laid eyes on each other after years of being estranged. So a tragedy has struck the Carlisle family: Stephanie’s sister Tracy died from a drug overdose in the recent year.

Looks, like Evan and Stephanie’s daughter is having a crisis involving her sexuality, but that was placed on pause as Amara, Titus and Stephanie found themselves all face-to-face for the first time in years. The party got crowded when Evan joined the conversation. It looks like there is major bad blood between the Purifoy and Carlisle families. I sense that perhaps the Purifoy family might be responsible for Tracy’s death. I sensed that Titus might have a fling with Lori, Hunter Purifoy’s daughter, while Evan might have a fling with Bella Tru (Erica Page).

Jealously seems to be the thing that has pushed Amara to go after Stephanie out of fear that Titus might still be attracted to his former lover. Evan is indeed sleeping with Bella, under Stephanie’s eye, and Rondell was accosted by a stranger. After one episode, I am intrigued by “Ambitions,” but I want to see more. Givens is indeed a standout, but her character hasn’t fully been fleshed out as a true villainess that I want. I suspect we will see more of her nefarious antics as the season progresses. With that being said “Ambitions” airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on OWN.