Anna Nalick Rocks The Fold

Photo by Justin Higuchi

LOS ANGELES—The Fold is a lively little club on 2220 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90057. It’s not situated in the best of areas. In fact, the last time I ventured to this part of town, I was seeking a fake ID. No one does that anymore, right?

However, on December 5, 2014, two very important artists were playing at the Fold and I just had to see them. A handsome bouncer named Slink manages the door, giving everyone a hard time in a sweet but scary way. Definitely do not forget your ID or your birthday because he checks them to make sure you are truly of age!

My friend and I felt like high schoolers and Slink was the yard duty. We seemingly broke every every rule that evening. For example, we weren’t allowed to get to close to the will-call clerk, which we were okay with. Then, he scolded us for hanging out in front of the venue. When we rolled our eyes, Slink pointed to a sign reading, “No hanging out in front.” This trendy little club has many rules, but they win the benefit of the doubt because the venue was packed.

After arriving, we had an hour to kill, so we ate dinner. Though the club initially appeared close to nothing, my brilliant friend knew the family owners of a Masa Cafe located just five minutes from the venue.

We didn’t have much time and the wait was 40 minutes! Thankfully, their very pretty multi-tasking front manager, Athena, was so helpful. We ordered quickly and had drinks on a very cute romantic sofa, feeling like we were at home by the fireplace. Then, we were off. She had the food ready to go in 15 minutes. It was packed with perfection.

Masa Cafe was busy and now I know why. The food was champ! My friend and I shared the most amazing organic burger and Potato Leek soup, leaving us fully satisfied in a healthy-feeling sorta way. They also have yummy looking bakery items with massive chocolate chip cookies.

After dinner, we returned to The Fold in just enough time to spend a few minutes on a spacious but romantic patio in the back.

Our seats were right at the stage on a cocktail table and our server was fast, friendly, and accommodating. I was surprised at the professionalism of the hidden venue. Every seat in the house was a good one.

Anna Nalick appeared with Tyler Hilton at The Fold on December 5, 2014.
Anna Nalick appeared with Tyler Hilton at The Fold on December 5, 2014.

Anna Nalick came on stage and it felt like we were at a house party. I have loved this talented musician since her 2004 album, “Wreck of the Day.”

On stage, she was entertaining and captivating. She is not afraid to expose her nerdy mental anxiety side and she’s quirky and awkward but so pretty and entertaining, even absent a microphone.

As I stood in line for their one lady’s restroom, a guy tried to exchange words with me before realizing I was deaf. Nervously, without bad intentions, he replied, “You’re deaf? Why are you here?”

My mind had an answer for him straight away: “Anna Nalick sings so spiritually, you dont need ears to enjoy her music. Her lyrics are beyond herself. she connects with all of us that have had broken hearts, hopeful dreams and cherished but crushed moments.”

Normally, I attend concerts with an interpreter, but this time I went with a friend that signed and still enjoyed Anna’s work. Her music is a vehicle for her spiritually transmitted vibes. Every person in the room was attentively listening as she shared inside secrets in the most nonchalant way.

We all wanted to know what happened to her after “Breathe” became a world hit. Well, apparently she was fed up with people telling her how to make music. As her parents sat in the audience and proudly listened to her, she told us she didn’t want to become the next Britney or Beyonce, she wanted to be her own person.

Anna Nalick was born in 1984 in Temple City, CA and moved to glendora when she was 14 years old. It wasn’t long before people realized she had talent. By the age of seventeen, she was touring town and performing at local gigs. By twenty, “Breathe” was on just about every radio station in town.

For Nalick, fame wasn’t as expected. She wanted to go into a room, close the door and do her magic writing more songs. However, the “professionals” started telling her where to write, what to write, not to sing too many sad songs, and how to act.

She hid out until fame passed her by and now she is back for round two, refusing to get caught up in the corporate trap again.

She is real and that realness is shown by her stage presence and her music. People like what they see. She reaches out and relates to the listener and it appears she genuinely cares.

Before leaving, she sang her all so popular “Breathe,” then sharing a Christmas song she wrote for Amazon. The crowd adored her, embracing all she came to bring, and then some!

Tyler Hilton was an absolute heartthrob. Too bad i couldn’t make it past season one of “One Tree Hill,” because his presence would have had me coming back for more. His band had a violin, a stand up bass, and his uncle played the guitar. It was a lovely mix with a great soulful vibe.

On our way out, Slink remembered me and wished us a good night, telling us that he enjoyed watching my friend sign the songs to me. He said it was nice to see that I enjoyed the show so well. He really does keep an eye on the club! Slink sees all!

Overall, the experience was grand. I’ll definitely keep on my bookmarks and see what is in store for the future.