SAN FRANCISCO—This year, San Francisco’s annual Fourth of July fireworks display was canceled due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. In previous years, the city celebrated Independence Day by organizing parades, concerts, and firework shows. Normally, the firework displays are set off in front of Fisherman’s Wharf and Municipal Pier, drawing in tens of thousands of people. The city of San Francisco has ordered all events to be canceled to prevent large crowds and promote social distancing.

The San Francisco Police Department has put out a statement saying, “No person or persons, firm, company, corporation, or association shall fire or discharge any fireworks of any kind or description within the limits of the City and County of San Francisco. Provided, however, that public displays of fireworks may be given with the jointly written consent of the Fire Marshal and Chief of Police.” The use of illegal fireworks can result in a $500 to $1,000 fine.

SFPD urges citizens to report any illegal firework activity in order to keep themselves and their neighborhoods safe by calling 311. They ask to only report illegal fireworks if you see someone lighting them, can describe the situation, and provide an exact location or address. For more information about firework safety and warnings please visit the official San Francisco Police Department website.