HOLLYWOOD—Upon first hearing about Mr. Liuzzi and his array of theatrical and cinema talents, I was surprised and fascinated on certain truths. Finding myself questioning the resume, I was reviewing and the young man that was shaking my hand. Mr. Liuzzi and I found even being from completely different aspects of life and chaos; we had so much in common.

After just a few conversations with the young artist, I discovered his industry knowledge was spot on without any trace of where he had developed or learned the tricks of playing the game! The dream of the long hours, little respect until the job was finished, and becoming a Hollywood star was just a reverie just simply out of focus.

How does one become a “who’s who” of Hollywood? How does someone go from singing and acting in front of a webcam to performing in front of millions of people? “Many successful people have done it, but sadly never alone. The difficult truth in this industry is clouded by the average ego overpowering the strength of storytelling and the real art form.”

Spoken by Mr. Liuzzi on the industry truth that it’s not what you know, but who you know! Like how you wouldn’t be reading my vent on daily business unless I had been to this rodeo before. Some people say, “That sort of thing just doesn’t happen anymore… You better have a portfolio and industry experience to get noticed…” or “Oh sorry, we only take referrals.” Most people don’t succeed, because they are scared away or pressured into giving up! They just find themselves frustrated and realize successful, inspirational, and artistic human beings surround them and they feel that they are not one of them.

Which is proven a lot of time isn’t truth at all. Imagine if certain people never got their chance at a role of a lifetime! How the face and shape of Hollywood would be completely different. The problem is that they have been playing on the playground with a group of hyenas unknowingly. Scammers and tricksters who manipulate anyone and everyone they can in convincing them into doing what they want. People that have never won an award, never cried for something they believed in, and those just ready to attack any weak individual that seeks them for advice.

This goes out to all those talent agents and agencies that hunt parents wanting their children to become famous. Those industry professionals that lie on a daily basis just to laugh after sealing the deal!

A person demanding money for a head shot, or retainer fee is always entertaining! For a simple study, I called 150 of the largest agencies in the industry! Telling myself the first person that would do their job and not just drift along would get a big surprise. I was shocked how even agencies of friends and co-stars seemed to be throwing billions of dollars away everyday just at this fear of losing the power of the cool kids group in high school.

Guess what cool and suave is out and nerd and intelligent is now in. Imagine how maybe many models would be nowhere without contouring now a days. Even though it was a method developed in the 15th century using chalk. Imagine if Marilyn would stand out in a land full of masked paintings. The industry is always changing and growing everyday! “Style and storytelling mix together in order to bring entertainment to the World.” Liuzzi continues his feelings on the Industry.

For artists out there and even children who dream of becoming a big star one day, it is completely possible. Never allow another person to tell you what you may or may not achieve. Understand you are now in the Jungle and all the same rules apply. Friends and enemies around every corner, but after enough time, enemies start to run the other direction! So the next time someone tells you this is normal or this is just an industry standard percentage…remember!

You are in Hollywood and they are negotiating with you! Nothing about this is normal! “Keep your head up and keep moving! Never stop understanding your dream in order to achieve it! The American dream is comprised of the will to support one self and to succeed through all external elements and obstacles in order to survive. – Anthony Liuzzi