HOLLYWOOD—Killing a character off a daytime soap happens all the time, but when you kill a legend expect ripple effects that can last a lifetime. I threw out the possibility that we could see a major death of a character on the soap “Days of Our Lives” right before February sweeps. No people, I’m not referring to Daniel Jonas, I’m talking about perhaps one of the greatest villains in soap history: Stefano DiMera.

Yep, it looks like Stefano aka ‘The Phoenix’ has taken his last breathe, at the hands of the woman he has tortured so much. Well he has tortured Marlena, just as much, but no need to digress because it was Hope Brady who witnessed Stefano’s last breath or at least that is what the viewers are made to suspect. In my honest opinion, the number of bullets that Hope blew into her nemesis has put him down once and for all.

Many people speculated for months just who was behind Bo’s kidnapping after learning that Peter Reckell would be returning to the role. I pegged the DiMera clan instantly and it seems Stefano was the mastermind behind the chaos, but proving it has become difficult for Rafe and Hope. Hope certain that her tormentor for most of her adult life was behind the shenanigans that took her one true love decided to confront him at the DiMera mansion.

Let me just pause to say, the scenes between Kristin Alfonso and Joseph Mascalo were fantastic. If this is indeed Mascalo’s swan song get ready for an Emmy nomination because both actors absolutely deserve them. Alfonso has been terrific the past few months; her not getting nominated for a Lead Actress Emmy would be a travesty people.

When she burst into the mansion, she came face-to-face with Andre who did his ogling as usual before Stefano dismissed his son and guard from the fortress. Watching Stefano call Hope every single name in the book, while taunting her personality was grueling. Hope pranced around doting rather she’d pull out the gun that she had hidden. After a ton of berating Hope pointed her gun right at Stefano who immediately shut his trap for a moment. Yep, the wise one knew he was in trouble, but that didn’t stop him.

As a viewer, it seemed apparent Hope didn’t have the guts to shoot Stefano, but once he started talking about her dead hubby, she snapped. She fired one bullet into his chest, which only unleashed laughter in Stefano. That caused Hope to fire another shot in his chest causing the patriarch to fall back into his wheelchair. The nail in the coffin was Hope launching a third bullet into Stefano’s chest. Just like that, the wickedest DiMera of them all was dunzo. Not a moment after the gunfire strolls in Rafe stunned at what he is staring at.

Determined to protect the woman that he secretly loves, Rafe decides to cover up the murder. Ok, Rafe good luck on covering up the murder of Stefano DiMera especially when his back from the dead son Andre is still in the flesh. Hope is indeed a mental mess right now, so if Andre carefully pushes her buttons he will certainly get her to confess, not to mention the fact that he’ll unleash all hell on the Brady clan if he learns one of them is responsible for his father’s demise.

The duo hid the body inside of an abandoned building that was set to be burned down, but Hope was unable to let bygones be bygones without confessing to her enemy all the torturous things he did to her. This left Rafe slightly unnerved with the possibility that someone might be watching their every move.

If Salem wasn’t dealing with enough death already, the town is still grappling with burying Dr. Daniel Jonas, Nicole is lashing out at Eric for is drunk driving that has taken the love of her life. Yes people, Salem is a busy place these days and it looks like that chaos is only about to get crazier. Looks like dear ole Victor has a secret he has keep buried for years that is about to surface in a way no one ever expected. Damn you “Days of Our Lives” you make it impossible for people to resist.