HOLLYWOOD—I can’t believe the coincidence that has taken place in the last two weeks on the CBS soap “The Bold and the Beautiful.” This is a series that is notorious for having a love triangle that plays out for months, in some cases years. It seems like 2016 has amplified that chaos because three separate love triangles are brewing and they are certain to create all types of chaos when they explode.

For starters, the writers are revisiting that dynamic between Katie, Bill and Brooke. Yep, Brooke slept with her sister’s husband not too long ago and it resulted in her becoming preggers. While she lost the baby, her tryst with Bill was just about the death of her relationship with her sister Katie.

In the midst of that chaos, Ridge returned to town and began hooking up with Katie; Bill devised a plan to ensure Ridge wouldn’t interrupt his and Brooke’s happily ever-after, but ended up taking away Ridge’s ability to draw. In the midst of all that chaos, Bill and Katie found themselves back to one another, even remarrying, but pause. Brooke is now working at Spencer Publications at Katie’s request.

Katie, don’t be so naïve, if you put two people who have chemistry together in the same room, more chemistry will explode, well this week Brooke and Bill gave into temptation with a steamy kiss. Uh-oh, looks like Katie’s plan to help her sister could lead the noble sister down an even darker and more dangerous path. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice and a Katie like viewers have never seen will be unleashed. This is going to be good people, because Bill will continue his dalliance with Brooke behind Katie’s back and when the truth is revealed who knows what will transpire.

We can’t forget talking about the newest love triangle that have manifested between Liam, Wyatt and Steffy. With Ivy jetting from Los Angeles to Australia it was the perfect time for Wyatt to swoop in and create a bit of chaos. He put the moves on Steffy and oh did he put the moves on her fast. The two chatted and discussed all their heartbreak and betrayal they’ve experienced from past loves. Hate to say it, but you feel sorry for Wyatt, first he lost Hope to Liam, then Ivy and now it looks like Steffy as well, but after a bit of heart-to-heart, Steffy and Wyatt choose not to betray Liam, but cozied up to one another quite naked.

Little did they expect Liam to rush back home and to catch them in bed together. People it was a moment to take in because finally Liam has snapped. The noble, can do no wrong son, had fire and rage in his eyes and his body and unleashed a fury on both his fiancé and brother that neither of them saw coming. I mean it would be interesting to see Wyatt and Steffy hook-up, and as soon as that happens, I am certain Ivy or Hope will return to Forrester Creations to cause more havoc.

Of course, the juiciest love triangle that could have been spotted miles away is brewing between Nicole, Zende and Sasha. Yep, Nicole is pregnant with Rick and Maya’s baby and it has created a bit of distance in her relationship with Zende who is saying he’s supportive, but this is a guy we’re talking about, when temptation comes it will be hard to resist. I mean when Zende and Sasha first met he saw her in her underwear and bra.

Take about awkward. Not to mention as soon as Sasha laid her eyes on Zende there was a spark. To complicate the situation looks like Sasha has become Zende’s muse as a photographer, which has Nicole seeing green. So much to the point that she devises a plan to get Sasha booted from her gig at Forrester Creation. Oh Nicole, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

The situation is only about to get more complicated, why, as I predicted weeks ago, Sasha is Julius daughter! Yep, Vivienne has no idea, Maya has no idea, nor does Nicole. So cue the fireworks when the truth comes out, not only will the Avant clan feel duped, they’ll likely be livid. Julius better prepare to receive a tongue lashing from both his wife and daughters.

With these love triangles heating up, one can only imagine what other chaos “The Bold and the Beautiful” has in store for fans before February sweeps kicks off in less than 3 weeks.