PORTLAND, OR—Protests in Portland were put on hold due to the smoke caused by the Oregon wildfires, but the PNW Youth Liberation Front confirmed on Twitter that protest would resume Friday, September 18. With 36.1k followers, the PNW Youth Liberation Front is paramount to how protestors organize and share information in Portland. The tweet read “Spread Fire,” disregarding the wildfires that ripped through Oregon this past week and a half.

PNW Youth Liberation Front announces that protest will resume on Twitter

According to a Portland Police Bureau (PPB) report, on Friday night protesters gathered at Elizabeth Caruthers park and made their way to the ICE facility on 4310 South Macadam Ave. Protesters dressed in Black Bloc and threw projectiles at officers. According to the police report, 11 arrests were made for interfering with a peace officer.

According to a tweet by Andy Ngo, a Rioter who was identified as Kermit Polsoun broke open multiple fire hydrants causing water to flood the streets. PPB arrested Polsoun on three accounts of Disoredlry Conduct in the Second Degree. Portland is currently a fire zone that needs to conserve water.

Andy Ngo reports a rioter who broke open multiple fire hydrants