SAN FRANCISCO—Four Bay Area locals are set to stand trial for a contract killing scheme that left two women dead, a judge announced on Friday, January 24. Andrea Falcon, 24, is at the focal point of a case that dates back to November 12, 2016. 

Falcon and co-defendants Anthony Montoya, 24, Coshious Antrenette Frazier, 27, and Mercedes Morgan, 24, drove to San Francisco to shoot 21-year-old Lisa Williams. Falcon is accused of hiring Frazier to kill Williams for $5,000. 

Alameda County Deputy District Attorney John Ullom claims that Williams was the girlfriend of a San Francisco pimp that Falcon had a violent feud with in the past. Authorities claim that Falcon and Montoya shot and murdered Frazier in her home in Oakland, after Frazier demanded money after failing to successfully complete the job.

Falcon and Julio Garcia, 22, drove to San Francisco on December 7, 2016, where Garcia fatally shot Williams in the Mission District.

The defendants are expected back in court on Friday, February 7, 2020 for further arraignment.