SAN FRANCISCO—Officers made several arrest after a minor traffic collision that involving a kidnapping, shooting and robbery on November 28.

The SFPD reported that at approximately 11:33 a.m., officers from Taraval Station responded to a reported robbery. Officers met with the two 19-year-old victims who noted earlier that around 1:30 a.m., they were driving on 19th Avenue when they accidentally struck the rear bumper of the car in front of them at a stoplight.

When the victims drove to the nearest side street to assess the damage, they spotted the other vehicle speeding after them and heard gunfire. Believing they were being shot at, the victims drove away and continued to hear gunfire behind them for numerous blocks before parking at 15th Ave. and Irving St.

At 15th Ave. and Irving St., the suspect vehicle parked by the victims’ vehicle and a male suspect holding a handgun emerged and pointed the gun towards them, and demanded money for the damage caused by the collision. The suspect ordered the victims to follow him to a different location where they could finish the money transfer. The victims followed the suspect to Kezar Stadium and sent money to the suspect before being allowed to leave. When the victims returned home, they examined their vehicle for damage and discovered a bullet inside the driver’s side footwell.

Upon further investigation, the suspect was identified as Howard Scott, 50, from Stockton, CA. Investigators from SFPD’s Robbery Unit obtained an arrest warrant for Scott and a search warrant of his residence

On December 6, members from SFPD’s Tactical Company arrested Scott in Stockton. SFPD’s Robbery investigators executed the search warrant which resulted in the seizure of two polymer rifles, one polymer handgun, various rifle/handgun magazines, and over 1300 rounds of ammunition. A photo of the seized items accompanies this news release.

He was booked at San Francisco County Jail on the following felony charges:

  • 29800(a)(1) PC – Felon in possession of a firearm
  • 211 PC 2nd Degree – Robbery
  • 209(a) PC – Kidnapping for Ransom
  • 246.3(a) PC – Willfully Discharging a Firearm with Gross Negligence
  • 245(a)(2) PC – Assault with a Firearm

The SFPD are still investigating the case. Anyone with information is asked to call the SFPD Tip Line at 1-415-575-4444 or Text a Tip to TIP411 and begin the text message with SFPD.