HOLLYWOOD—The CBS soap “The Young and the Restless” has needed a villain for quite some time. The soap opera has had villains as of late, but none who have truly embraced his or her villainy, cue business mogul Ashland Locke. Rumors had been swirling about the guy for months, and his appearance was finally felt in Genoa City a few weeks ago, but his presence is starting to echo in major ways America, thanks to Kyle Abbott.

Kyle was a bit of a playboy back in the day, and now his past is catching up to him. He slept with Ashland’s wife Tara, and they share a son together, Harrison, a son that Ashland has no clue that is not his. Kyle has resigned himself to NOT being in his son’s life, which I feel is a bit dismissive, while he continues to play house with Summer Newman. Yeah, I just don’t see the sparks there between Summer and Kyle, they’ve tried for years and it just doesn’t fully click so, we’ll see where things go America.

Ashland has decided to refute his offer on Cyraxes as it seems Adam’s latest stunt has made news on a national scale. As a result, Victoria is still hoping to angle Cyraxes in her attempt to prevent Adam and Victor from going after her former flame Billy. Well, considering Victor knows that Chelsea was the culprit in Rey’s poisoning. There is one major problem, they don’t have any proof. Chelsea’s gig of being back to normal is up thanks to Nick, but she is still feigning a bit of ignorance people. Sharon and Adam are enraged and want to prove her guilt, as well as Victor.

Look, I love Victor Newman, but it feels like the guy is losing that edge that made him the iconic staple of “Y&R” for so many years if I’m being honest and Ashland Locke is a fun character. There is a menace to him without being a villain you truly hate. That is hard to do people and the writers have captured that quite well with Locke at what we have seen up to this point, his true nature hasn’t fully been exposed, but it looks like we’re heading in that direction.

He is bartering with Victor, while still angling with Victoria for his massive company, but also spreading little fires about Jabot that has Jack worried and Kyle petrified. Kyle you should be because it looks like Ashland is about to unleash wholly hell on you and your family to seek vengeance and this guy looks like he’s aiming to shatter you into pieces. Let’s talk about Jack Abbott a little more who has severed ties with Sally after learning about her past, and some secrets she kept from him.

It did not help that Phyllis was able to put the other red head in town in a predicament where Jack witnessed a side of Sally that he never saw and it was a game changer. He broke Sally’s heart, but Sally is not going down without a fight. She has raged a war with Phyllis that our vixen has invited, but I’m worried people. I don’t think Phyllis has toyed with someone like Sally. She might be younger, but she is Phyllis at an earlier age, but a bit more cunning. Phyllis may have raged a war that is going to deliver consequences that she never expected, not to just her, but everyone in her orbit people.

In other GC news, Mariah is pregnant and feeling the joys and blues of being pregnant. Luckily, she has Tessa, Devon, Abby, Nina and Ashley by her side, but that doesn’t mean the pregnancy will be smooth sailing people, not by a long shot. We also have to chat as I predicted the budding romance between Moses and Faith. I mean he came to her defense at school and was by her side when she was hospitalized by that car accident. Moses is fitting in well in Genoa City, almost as if he had never left which is a good thing.

Amanda is getting to know her grandfather, Sutton quite well as she defends him of being accused of murdering her actual father. Talk about complicated people. It seems the family that tossed her away is actually eager to make amends that seems to be everyone except for her little sister, Imani who sent her big sis a cryptic text people. Amanda has chatted with Victor about her father’s work with Newman Enterprises all those years ago, so what transpires as this story tends to unfold is intriguing to say the least.

Devon, Nate and Elena are still dancing around their relationship, but it appears Devon has made his choice and its Amanda based on those kisses shared. Too bad Nate and Elena have not determined what to do with their relationship as they can barely stand to be in the room with one another, so the tension is building as Lola pointed out. With that said, we have to return to the Chelsea is framing Adam narrative, which is just not that interesting to say the least. Victoria leaked to Rey that Victor might be hiding Adam, and that ignited a war between father and daughter, with Nikki trying to mediate.

Would the writers give this woman a storyline because hell, she has absolutely NOTHING going on for years it seems now! Chelsea is facing an uphill battle with her bestie, Chloe bowing out the scheme and Adam, Sharon and Victor working to prove that she was responsible in the crime that was committed: poisoning a cop. Sharon should be focused on her marriage though because it is literally hanging by a thread because her focus on Adam is causing Rey’s blood to boil. You know what could make things even more interesting: if Dylan who was forced to go into hiding return to the forefront people.