HOLLYWOOD—So the news is finally coming to the surface that that Ava Vitali is very much alive and well on the NBC soap “Days of Our Lives.” Ava has been hiding in the shadows pulling the strings to get Philip Kiriakis to do her family’s laundering of their mob money. Philip has felt the stress of this ruse, so much to the point that Xander, Sarah and Charlie have suspected he is up to no good.

Well, Sarah and Xander got the goods on that co-conspirator this week and it changes everything if you ask me. Xander has gone up against villainous people in the past, but Ava that is a different type of beast. He could find himself on the outs literally or shall we say possibly knocking on death’s door if he is not careful and to be honest after all the dirt and crimes that Xander has committed he deserves it. Philip has a bit of light in his orbit with the return of Chloe. Yes, the two were quite chummy so romance could be building yet again between these former lovebirds people.

Chloe was not the only face to return this week because Rafe and Gabi were back in the foray. Rafe was stunned with news of Hope’s departure from Salem, just as he got reacquainted with Allie and was not happy with the things he discovered transpired. Same with Gabi as this revolving relationship with Gwen, Jake and Kate is becoming a bit stale. Gabi’s reintroduction into things is spicing things up and in a good way people. However, those are NOT the only familiar faces back in town. We have Nicole back in the mix, as well as Joey. Yes, that Joey.

Before we chat about Joey, we have to return to our conversation of Ava. Lucas spilled to Allie that Sami was raped years ago, and she never got justice, so Sami being Sami took justice into her own hands. That prompted Allie to do the same. As a result she stole Kate’s gun and pointed it directly at Tripp. This rattled Tripp, which prompted Ava to reveal herself to rescue her son. Tripp came face-to-face with his mother who he presumed was dead.

He was happy, but not Steve who was ready to call the police, but Ava asked him to hold off. Why? She wanted him to ensure that she did not go to prison, and if that deal was battered it would ultimately lead to Joey getting out of prison for a crime that (surprise) he never committed. When Kayla learned Ava was alive she went for the jugular, literally people. That ultimately led to Steve and Kayla visiting Joey in prison to bring him the good news that he would soon be released.

We have to talk about this even though I really don’t want to talk about it the impending war between Abigail and Gwen. Gwen wants to destroy Abigail’s life and my gut tells me these two have to be long-lost sisters, but it raises an even bigger question: who is the father or who is the mother? Gwen’s hate for Abigail is starting to show people, I mean Jennifer caught her throwing a fit in the park, and it seems her plan is working as friction erupted between Chad and his wife after he accused her of cheating on him with Jake!

OMG this was the most laughable thing I’ve seen all week. Speedup this reveal “Days” writers because I’m bored as hell.