HOLLYWOOD—I will admit at first I was not a fan of the mob villain/drug dealer Cyrus Renault when he first arrived on the canvas of the ABC soap “General Hospital.” With that said, Cyrus has become of the greatest villains the soap has seen since Helena Cassadine. This man is vicious, calculating and worst of all not afraid to do what he needs to do to get what he wants. How can I best say this: Cyrus has no conscience and that makes him damn dangerous!

There is no reason or us to rehash the bomb explosion of The Floating Rib, but let’s talk briefly about the aftermath. Dev is dead, so is Dustin, Lulu suffered a brain injury that has placed her into a coma. Yeah, The Lulu in a coma twist I did not expect, but considering all the rumors running around, I knew the character might exit, but I didn’t expect this way. So Lulu is gone, Dante was on the verge of rekindling his romance with his estranged wife, Laura is a complete mess, but we are learning a lot more about Cyrus and connections to PC residents than meets the eye.

We do have to chat about that slap Laura delivered to Cyrus because the acting on Genie Francis’ part was stellar people. With that said the name Florence Grey came into the mix. Name not a big ringer for me, but as the dots started to connect it started to make sense.

For starters, Curtis and Jordan made the connection that Florence Grey was perhaps the person being taken care of inside that home in Oregon. Name rings no bell, that is until a chance meeting between Martin Grey (yes that Martin Grey) people and Cyrus. The two seemed like more than acquaintances, they almost felt like brothers if I’m being honest. We got that confirmation this week directly from Martin when he was being questions by Sonny and Diane! This is getting good people.

So he’s not scared of the guy people. However, the big confirmation that sealed the deal for me was Julian breaking into Martin’s office and finding a picture that was worth a thousand words. The audience didn’t get the opportunity to see that actual picture, but it alluded to a big mystery that we know is going to play out very soon people, as I’m starting to get the feeling that Martin, Cyrus and Laura might be long lost siblings. How Florence plays into things beyond being married to Laura’s birth father, we don’t know yet, but we know it matters people, especially Laura’s role in the death of David Hamilton when she was a minor and Cyrus’ odd obsession with Laura and her family.

So you might be asking why I’m so fond of Cyrus. Look at the grip this man has on the residents of Port Charles. Everyone is frightened to death of him. Julian planted the bomb, Sonny and Jason connected the dots and realized that JULIAN was culpable because of Cyrus which is bad news for the former mob boss who appeared to descend in way more darkness than imagined. Julian was in a mess and once his sister Ava discovered his involvement she was rattled to the core that her brother was about to meet his demise.

With that said, Ava pulled a gun on Julian and was about to take him out before Sonny, Jason or Cyrus could take him out. Julian jumped from the mantle of Wyndemere and was presumed dead. That was until he wasn’t. He showed up in Martin’s office, blackmailed him with that photo to ensure it didn’t fall into the hands of Sonny (that confirms my suspicion) people and apparently fled town or did he? Ava is lying to both Sonny and Nikolas about what happened to Julian, just as it seems her bond with Nikolas is getting stronger people.

Cyrus has acted on that information he obtained on Taggert being alive and decided to utilize Trina, of all people to get him to come out of hiding. Trina is so taking the bait as she has shared her theory with Joss who plans to help her pal. Taggert is going to be brought out the darkness people, but at what cost? On top of all this chaos, Tracy Quartermaine returned to the fray learned about her son’s little secret, just as Michael, Willow, Chase and Sasha deal with the repercussions of that lie.

If this was not enough drama for you people, Diane uncovered a key clue about Cyrus that changes everything people, and I mean everything. Oh, and that thought that the Peter will be exposed would put on the backburner, but not now. Why? Franco is hearing voices of Peter August, and that is the result of the surgery that he just had. Hmm, interesting people, just as Finn and his dad attempted to reconcile. I want to say this is good news, but there is a problem.

Finn slept with Jackie before his father’s wedding and that has not come out yet, just as it appears Maxie and Peter are planning to get married on New Year’s Eve, the same day of Anna and Finn. In case I forgot to add, its over between Sam and Jason (at least for now), after she learned Julian planted the bomb and that her kids lives are constantly in danger as a result of her being tied to Jason. Smart move Sam, but I seriously don’t want to see the ever-ending whining and crying from the character. It seems that is all Sam McCall does is whine and cry.

Oh, I suspect the kickoff to 2021 will be explosive as hell and lives are about to be rattled in ways we never expected.