UNITED STATES—It used to be fun to watch the red carpet for many of the awards shows during awards season, but man has things changed in recent years. I have a vast level of respect for those who have become titans in the entertainment field of journalism and know what questions to ask and how to ask them to deliver an interview with a celebrity that is entertaining and fun to watch. However, what the hell was I watching with the Red Carpet for the 90th Academy Awards ceremony that was held on Sunday, March 4. There are a lot of people out there including myself who think the notion of interviewing celebrities is super easy, think again. It is not, I know that for a fact because I have interviewed some big time names as well as some everyday people.

The key to any good interview is to have a set of questions that force the interviewee to come out of his or her shell. Some of you might say, well what do you do with those shy celebs? Even those who are shy can be brought out of their shell by asking the right questions. There is the problem with a lot of the interviews I witnessed on Sunday night; it seemed like most of these people had no clue about the people they were interviewing except for their names.

This is where research becomes a must America. Any good interviewer does his or her research on the subject before being thrown into the lion’s den. I mean watching the ABC portion of the Red Carpet was so dreadful I just changed the channel. I know Michael Strahan is doing well at Good Morning America, but the red carpet just ain’t his place to be America when it comes to interviewing big time celebrities. Also those individuals who were his co-anchors were just as bad. It’s like just tossing darts at the board and hoping that things stick.

I have always, always been uncomfortable watching awkward interviews, so things got to the point where I just switched from ABC to E! News. I know people have pegged its reporters as those at the top of their game, and I have to admit it was a far more entertaining to watch them talk and interview celebs than witness that madness on another network. One thing that is quite clear is the fact that these celebs are just like everyday people; they get shy, they get nervous and they sometimes like to keep their personal business private.

Someone brought up something that I found so riveting that I had to do a double take. These are people that make movies for a living, yet they are so nervous, so anxious when it comes to being in front of the camera and forced to talk about the movie that is considered award-worthy. However, a lot of people make movies because it’s something they love to do. The notion of celebrity and being in the spotlight is something many people are not interested in.

I will admit I am happy the recent changes took place at the end of 2017 and the kick-off for 2018 where the question isn’t so much about “What are you wearing?” Its more about hot-button, political and sometimes uncomfortable dialogue that we as Americans should and need to have. No more hiding under the covers or cowering in corners America. The awkward segments of the Red Carpet have raised a vital question: should we eliminate the Red Carpet completely? It has bearing, but some people might argue what about the fashion then? You’ll still see the fashions; it will just be something that is not televised on the airwaves.

Written By Kelsey Thomas