Baby North West Photos Revealed

Baby North West

HOLLYWOOD—It’s official, the first photos of Kim Kardarshian and Kanye West’s baby daughter North West were revealed on the finale of Kris Jenner’s talk show.

After the birth of North West two months ago, the world has been counting down the days to see the king and queen of pop culture show their heiress in all her ga-ga glory. The photo reveals North West’s posing for the camera with a full head of hair, button nose, and chubby cheeks. She will certainly be living the glamorous life alongside mommy and daddy becoming the paparazzi baby of the century.

As a last resort to boost ratings Kim and Kanye decided to help grandma Kris with a well-planned one-on-one interview with Kanye and reveal the first baby photos for the finale, as Fox decides whether to give Kris a full series.

The candid Kanye sat down with Kris answering questions about the privacy of his and Kim’s relationship, his war with the paparazzi, fatherhood, and his own family. During the interview, audiences saw the many faces of the rapper, from a poker face, to smiling and laughing, to an almost teary-eyed Kanye. One thing is for sure, Kanye is not hiding his feelings for Kim smiling each time he talked about her and calling on the mayors of LA and NY to enforce laws that would protect his family from the mobs of paparazzi.

Rumors floated around about how Kimye would reveal the first baby photos from doing a fancy magazine spread, donating to charity or sharing on social media. Kris did this earlier today on Twitter tweeting “Meet North West.”

By Alice Perez