UNITED STATES—I truly cannot believe we are having this discussion. The House of Representatives passed legislation trying to put a ban on TikTok. I mean is this where we truly are as a society. I am not going to argue that social media doesn’t have its cons. It absolutely does because for so many tweens and teenagers it dictates too much of their life worrying who ‘likes’ or ‘responded’ to a video that they posted online. There are indeed some pros to it as well as it helps people connect, helps spread breaking news and it has spawned a new career endeavor, the social media influencer.

My argument is if you are planning to pass legislation to ban TikTok over safety and security concerns, why is Facebook, X or Twitter (it is always going to be Twitter if you ask me), Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr and all these other social media apps that have dominated our lives since the early and late 2000s not also in consideration. I want someone to provide me a solid argument about the importance of the others over TikTok. Not to mention you have the President of the United States Joe Biden on TikTok, but noted if legislation came across his desk to ban the social media app, would sign it into law.

This is where our politicians focus is; banning TikTok when we have so many other critical issues in this country. How about the issue regarding immigration? How about the increase in crime in so many parts of the United States? How about the economy and inflation and wages? How about housing? How about mental health? I mean the list can go on and on about really potent issues plaguing this country, yet our politicians and elected officials are focused on TikTok?

This is why there totally needs to be term limits in the House of Representatives and U.S. Senate. Too many politicians get to sit in office way too long, they become comfortable and focus solely on pushing their own agenda or the people lining their pockets than serving the American public. I’m pretty certain a lot of Americans are not going to be happy with TikTok being banned when they are more concerned about if they will be able to go to the grocery store and purchase enough food to feed their family. However, let’s not worry about that because eating food just doesn’t matter, TikTok is way more impactful on the country.

Yes, there is mental stress that comes with social media. However, banning TikTok is not going to stop the online bullying if you have other social media platforms still in the mix. Do you think Facebook, Meta, X and Instagram is not spying on the American public and selling your personal information to third party companies to earn an extra buck or two? They are and if politicians say otherwise, they’re lying. They probably are receiving campaign donations or funding from these companies as they gear up for another political run to give the public the same two, four or six years (depending on the level of office they’re running for).

I just cannot wrap my mind around politicians focusing so much on a social media platform when we have so many more pressing, dangerous and serious issues that the United States of America is facing. It seems not only silly, but stupid, but who am I beyond a taxpayer whose money is going towards solving an issue that has no impact on my life because I don’t use TikTok. Perhaps more Americans should get on the phone and contact their elected officials and ask why the banning of TikTok is so important over finding a way to control inflation and immigration in this country?

Written By Zoe Mitchell